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Coronavirus dictating your life? Here is why that’s wrong

Caught yourself wondering why coronavirus is dictating your overall life and inner being? Why are we so scared of getting this virus? CDC claimed even 35 years ago that a temperature of 133 degrees can kill the virus entirely…

Yet, people stay very worried because we constantly hear on the news and in the media who has died from Covid-19, who is suffering, how will it affect our economy and so on…

For example, the Spanish flu killed more than 15 million people. In 2019 regular season flu killed 800, 000 people in the world, and average deaths by flu per year are 650 000. But nobody speaks about it on TV…

afsddMore than 140,000 people die from stroke each year, and 137,800 approximately die from cancer each year as well.

Every one of you that is feeding to the vast area of this is criminal. Both the left and the right feed into this is to destroy American values. All the big media are censoring people who are showing you the numbers and the calculations comparing apples to oranges and they’re shutting them down.

I’m sure the history books will write about this and talk about how they felt, but it also seems like how this is going to be the biggest joke in the overall humanity since fiat currency. Then they talk about health safety… When did any government care about health safety when so many died already for various reasons?

When health is not free and when health bills are so high, people can’t afford to see a doctor. Now all governments are talking about how they care for the old, the sick, just to keep them alive…

James Brian Bullard is the chief executive officer and 12th president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis positions he has held since 2008, and this is what he said – A FULL STATEMENT: ”It is totally stupid to lose a major industry because of a virus.”, he said. “Why would you want to do that?”

Companies are laying off people at astronomical rates, according to reliable sources. About 8,100 Americans applied for unemployment in Connecticut, while Ohio saw 45,400 new laid-off workers in a week. Unemployment websites in Kentucky, Oregon, and New York crashed over the weekend as fear about the virus impact becomes more acute.

The economy is more important than stopping coronavirus. This is a planned, organized partial shutdown of the U.S. economy in the second quarter. The overall goal is to keep everyone, households, and businesses, whole. It is a huge shock and we are trying to cope with it and keep it under control.

The U.S. unemployment rate is hitting 30%! Imagine what’s coming in the future if people don’t realize the illusion of Corona!

I honestly think anyone falling for this will never wake up to the truth… The funniest part about this is that the worse is yet to come!

Things will get worse before they get better. Success doesn’t look like shutdown on everything and staying home. The administration is taking steps to hold more people in prisons for an undetermined amount of time – showing their priority is not saving lives but giving themselves more power.

afdsBig daddy government said we’re on punishment & we can’t go out to play & we can’t have company at our home! Things will never be the same again, it’s only about to get worse…

First of all, if this was real, we would all be quarantined with an emergency broadcast everywhere saying we would stay home till they found a cure (vaccine). The U.S.A would be like Italy already right now. Only a few states have demanded shelter in place, so this is probably not that serious. Yeah, people are dying. But there is a real agenda behind it, and most of us can’t quite figure it out yet. I believe this is going to be mandated vaccines for all, and if you don’t take it, then you won’t be able to travel, go to work/school, hang out with your beloved people, etc.

I believe there will be another plague where people WILL DIE from 5G and even FEMA camps could be involved. This is a TEST but with a real vaccine agenda possibly…

Benjamin Franklin once said it all: “Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.”

Are you angry because of all this mess in the world?

Do you think that the world won’t be the same ever again after coronavirus?

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