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Is the US officially in a recession? Let’s find out!

It’s all planned… Everything, every step, for every part of the world… Everyone who is thinking with their brain at least a bit saw a Recession was right around the corner. It was all planned by Corona Clown to crash the worthless fiat petrodollar.

Yes, we know the recession is coming soon. The greedy elites have been moving out to New Zealand and the hidden islands around the world. But you know what? You & your children are the targets. It’s all planned. They crashed the system back in 2008. There’s no reason why wouldn’t they do it again and profit even more? All steps towards the NWO to get ready. The great masses of people are likely to fall, victims of a big lie, then a small one. Then all that all over again, and you will soon see, or better said, feel and live the consequences.

afwefweIs there a possibility of economic depression? Hell, it’s been predicted for a long time/years. According to Bank of America, and now warnings of economic depression are developing as the Coronavirus continues to spread. Boom Bust took a deeper look at the fragile state of our current economy.

Markets will die by the end of this year. The months of May and June are very bad. They were predicting economic depression even before the coronavirus. Depression has an 80% probability. A recession is 100% likely. Just imagine tourism for a bit. What about restaurants? Kindergartens? Schools? Private companies that will probably fire everyone so they have to pay them when they don’t work? Take a look at what’s already happening in many counties. For example, in Europe, Austria has fired more than 150,000 people in just 2 days!

Let’s talk about it this way.

  1. Fed rates will be too low to cut to stimulate the economy (right now at 0).
  2. Quantitative easing will not work (this who knows, know trillions have been pumped into the repo markets with no avail).
  3. Now, this is interesting. The fed/government will give spenders/consumers a $1000 of free money in hopes they will spend it, which might help boost the economy.

Why the number 3 is interesting to me? Because 3 is so important to understand that back in 2016 people thought that was ridiculous as it would show normal civilians how bad the economy really is. But now, because of the coronavirus, we are hearing the fed will give every American $1000 as a “relief payment to spend as they like”… Oh, how the federal reserve carer’s for Americans, how lovely, right? Wrong. Very strange, makes you question the real origins of the virus and the intentions behind it.

azfswgfBesides that, ‘when this all ends’, we will probably have some new war. Or this is a war already? As always, ”ordinary” people, or better said you and I, and everyone around us will suffer the consequences.

While 20 powerful men worldwide are playing their games, our lives will stay ruined.

Many countries are talking about lowering our salaries… The hard times are right in front of us.

Do you already know someone who has lost their job?

How will they feed their family?

Does anyone think about that at all?

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