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The consequences of mandates

Everything is changing. I am sure you can see it and feel it by yourself. It really seems like people who have actually experienced oppression, socialism, and authoritarianism are the only ones who can actually see what’s happening here. Too many other people are still blind to the entire situation on the planet, or at least – they pretend not to see it because they are afraid or don’t know how to accept changes.

If this “vaccination” is so great, WHY ARE SO MANY DOCTORS CHOOSING TO RESIGN OR GET FIRED INSTEAD OF GETTING THE VACCINE!  Can anyone really explain that? Someone will tell you that they got paid for that, to tell people lies for some agenda. But I am sure that you know at least one doctor to whom you trust, and that he or she refused to get a shot.

It’s not a federal law until the legislature votes on it and the president signs it. The executive exists to enforce existing laws, not make new ones. Since when it hasn’t been addressed by Congress? Don’t be silly…

A Presidential Executive Order is not Federal Law. When they say “Mandate’s not a law”. Then again, why are people losing their jobs over a MANDATE? Can anyone explain?

Take a look around yourself and see what’s happening. For example, a hospital in Lowville, New York, is pausing its maternity services after 42+. Those who aren’t okay with it got fired. Surprised? I am neither.

Our world is changing right before our eyes, but still too many don’t want to see it. This is literally the MARK OF THE BEAST in its beta stage. You know what I told you before already – the Bible predicted this a long time ago.

Don’t want to receive the mark of the beast? Okay then, you won’t be able to buy, sell, travel, and live overall.

We are being lied to about these passports for the benefit of our “safety.” In reality, this is about CONTROL and POWER for the “elites.” Without it, you cannot BUY OR SELL, therefore – in this materialistic world, you are not able to be a part of society!

We already have IDs: Driver’s Licence, National passports, car registration, big-tech profiles, bank cards/ credit cards, student IDs, birth certificates, social security numbers, and more. We aren’t free now. But, we aren’t free for a very long time. This is just a final lap…

When they say “temporary”, keep in mind that they actually mean forever. Just look at what happened with “two weeks”. Two more weeks for us to know how the virus acts, two more weeks until you can live freely, two more weeks until this madness will end… How yes no.

I love how people believe that we live in a democracy. This is why most people like Ron Desantis in Florida right now. He opened up to us months ago and our numbers are below the average for the country, and he’s taking a pretty strong stance against these kinds of passes. No, you don’t live in a true democracy, neither is this a free society! They tell you it’s free, so once you believe their words and don’t pay attention anymore to what happens, they can do whatever they want.

The plot for the movie V for Vendetta was that a Government created and released a virus to gain wealth and power. The scary thing isn’t the fact these things are being discussed, it’s the fact so many citizens are perfectly happy to go along with it! After this, they can make us take anything they want inside our bodies. ”If you want to enjoy an ordinary life, you are gonna require ID, and how that IS ultimately ends up being used is out of your hands”.

In the UK, they are already saying it will take too long to check digital passports at big events like football matches, so they need to link it to facial recognition technologies. People feel like this is very much already the case, it’s just the norm to most. If you have no address/ID in the UK = you don’t exist. There are 0 support systems in place for people that are complete.

Oh, face recognition? Does it remind you of something I already wrote about earlier? Yes, that’s it, they have connected all of their new ideas and ”achievements” to take full control of us and the entire planet.

If there is ‘no evidence that the jab doesn’t prevent transmission – What is the point/purpose of a passport (apart from ”control”)? Our freedom is being stripped away from us day by day.

“The closer the collapse of an Empire, the crazier its laws.”

”Cicero  It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” – Voltaire

What do you think of our society now?

Are you too disappointed by how people act and react?

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