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What can every woman do in the times of Coronavirus to protect herself?

Ladies, listen here carefully… There are many things you are doing on a daily basis that are completely harmless, but in times of pandemic crisis, you will have to think about all the little details once again.

I have created a list that will help you to protect yourself from Coronavirus in the best possible case you can. Take a look at the list below and learn some new interesting and valuable tips and tricks to fight Covid-19.

Stop dieting. Now is not the perfect moment for that keto diet. Not at all. I know that you have been planning to have six-pack abs this summer, but maybe you reassess your beliefs after reading this. Every stress weakens your immune system. And being hungry is also stressful for your body… Don’t take low-calorie diets and start eating carbs once again. Your body needs energy.

Make your clothing simple… So you don’t have to clean a jacket, hat, scarf, or you name it every time you enter your home. The virus can survive on your clothes and jewelry, so be sure to dress simple. I would recommend some jeans and a sweatshirt. Be sure to wash those when you come home.

afNails. Get rid of fake nails as soon as possible because they are full of different bacteria. Shorter nails are always better for everyone who practices good hygiene, but especially now in the pandemic crisis. I have one more bonus advice – don’t paint your nails these days. I know this may sound paranoid, but if you catch a virus, your doctors will be able to see if your body has enough oxygen just by the color of your nails. So, don’t make their work even harder. Sometimes even minutes can save our lives… Think about it.

Jewelry. Don’t wear jewelry these days, and especially rings because they are more likely to get contaminated. Everyone who wears rings and thinks how they can kill a virus just by washing their hands are wrong. Rings can contain dozens of bacterial, viral, and even fungal species. So, take it off for now.

You can live without that hair saloon… Don’t visit beauty saloons even if you can, it’s a big no-no! I see ladies all over the Internet panicking about their hair, nails, and skin beauty routines getting professionally done. Oh, come on… Don’t go to public places and especially don’t visit the ones like these… You can do it all by yourself at home. Yes, you can. The world won’t stop because you haven’t dyed your hair for 2 months. No one cares. 🙂

Dating. Spending your time on dating sites because you are bored at home? It doesn’t matter how much you like that sweet guy you have just met online, never date in person in the times of pandemic crisis. No one knows who is infected, even when they look perfectly healthy.

Job interview? Not sure you can miss that job interview? Do it from home. We live in the 21st century, in the era of technology, remember?

Sorry if this advice may sound a little bit harsh, but we all know that’s for our own good.

adfwefdwNow you are finally ready to take all the precautions to stop this virus spread.

Are you upset because of the situation in the world?

In your opinion, when will Covid-19 end?

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