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In what clothing items you should invest more money and the other way around

If you are constantly not satisfied with the quality of your clothes, maybe you are in wasting a lot of money on something completely pointless. I have realized how there are many people who know how to dress ”like stars” and always look ”expensive”, or better said, luxurious. And while you think that those people spend all their money on clothes, that’s usually not the case. Such people just know in which clothing items to invest, while they spend barely any money on other items.

Take a look at this list and find out how to always dress in a way you want, save money, and look gorgeous!

Jacket or coat. Definitely the most important thing in your wardrobe. You should always spend more money on the jacket or coat. Such items last, add extra points to your looks, and you wear them almost half a year or more! You don’t need to own five coats or jackets, one will do the job – if you choose wisely. Good quality and neutral colors are always the best.

arwererJeans or pants. Another item on which you should spend more money. Quality jeans or pants really are important, and they will bring your outfit on a whole new level.

Shoes. Of course, spending more money on shoes or sneakers is necessary. Here, the rule is the same as for the jacket. You will not only look amazing with quality shoes or sneakers, but you will also do something good for your health. It is well-known how cheap shoes or sneakers can hurt your feet, knees, and even overall spine. Choose something comfy yet chic!

T-shirts. When it comes to t-shirts, you can buy all the cheap versions of those. We have all a lot of t-shirts, and it is not very important to spend your money on them. Choose something interesting and fun, something that represents your style. The only rule for t-shirts is to think about the material of which it is made. Cotton is always the best option.

Skirts and dresses. If you want to buy some casual summer dresses and skirts, then don’t spend a lot of money on that. Yet, if you want to buy these clothing items for work and if you wear them daily, instead of jeans and pants, then invest a little bit more money in those.

Bags. Having one quality bag is better than having thirty cheap bags. Invest in something that lasts. I always recommend a black bag. It is easy later to spice it up with some badge, for example.

Accessories. Don’t spend a lot of money on accessories. Cheap ones are amazing as well. Anyways, the point of accessories is to bring a little bit of sparkle and fun in your outfit, right?

Underwear. When it comes to underwear, you don’t need to buy expensive ones to feel comfy and look sexy. But as for the t-shirts, be sure to check the material from which they are made. Cotton always, and lace for some special occasions.

Leggings. Choose whatever you like, and never spend a lot of money on the leggings. Feel free to experiment with colors and patterns.

qewrfwrfGym clothes. The same goes as for the leggings and t-shirts, just choose something comfy. Motivational quotes on such clothes are cute and amazing.


People usually spend too much money on the clothes they later don’t even wear. Why would we do that when we can look amazing with smarter shopping?

Do you spend a lot of money on clothes?

What is your favorite clothing item?

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