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About The Vaccine For COVID-19…

This topic is probably one of the most important things for so many people worldwide. No one has a completely neutral opinion about the COVID-19 vaccine, but we will try to think about the situation in all ways here.

Since the beginning of our times, different viruses and infections went up and down, and people usually developed natural immunity from contact, not social distancing. Surely, we must also remember how, for example, The Black Death was left by itself to kill more than 80 million people. In that way, the pandemic ended.

But now, we want to save lives as well. We cannot just let the virus kill as many as it needs so we get immunity. That is exactly why the vaccine is trying to be made.

But, will they create it on time? Many people need it at this moment. Probably, by the time they come out with a vaccine the virus will already be on a downturn.

Besides all being said above, the vaccine also has to be safe. But can it be safe if it’s made in such a small amount of time? Usually, the creation of a vaccine takes almost a decade to be completely safe for people. They don’t have that much time now, so they will probably skip some testing phases.

adsfFor example – Do you think that in a few years we won’t be able to purchase food or even leave our house or have employment without “proof” that we’ve gotten this vaccine? It might happen, and especially for traveling.

There are companies and labs all over the planet working on different Covid-19 vaccines. But, what will be the chosen one? Or will there be many vaccines for different countries?

Kennedy’s family made a law that we can’t sue anyone creating vaccines or giving them. Scientists haven’t changed anything for years. The truth is that the vaccine trials are being forced in many countries in Africa through economic manipulation. What will happen now? What will happen next?

It seems like how Moderna is supposedly getting ready to release a vaccine. I looked up the company and found out that it has associations with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Not sure how many people will react to that…

Still, more and more people see the FDA is a joke. Those who have the money also have their drugs are approved. Unfortunately, that’s the reality…

There are so many strange things about the COVID-19 in general, and it is no surprise that people are scared, suspicious, tired, or you name it.

This flu virus is also a social experimental program. It may be a perfect way to help society’s transition to accepting communism worldwide.


Anybody who trusts the government is delusional…

Surely, Bill Gates is the mastermind of these plandemics. He and his puppets are trying to depopulate the world. Will the vaccine be one of their weapons? Or will it be the pandemic itself? I only remember Bill Gates said the way to depopulate the world is through vaccines…

Why is the world listening to Bill Gates in the first place? They say he is the smartest man on the entire planet, so they are taking advice from him. Yet, now, they are taking it for the vaccines as well, while dealing with someone that said out of his own mouth that if his vaccines were successful he would kill off millions of people and depopulate the world?

These so-called scientists and virologists may be planning a real genocide on a long scale… What are they going to do with the money they are receiving from Bill Gates and Co? What can we do to stop such a devilish plan?

Currently, more than 145 coronavirus vaccines are under development worldwide. In the U.S., the FDA will allow coronavirus vaccines with just 50% efficacy to be licensed. This is a very low bar for vaccine efficacy. In fact, if you vaccinate 100% of the population with a vaccine that only provides 50% efficacy, you cannot even achieve that so-wanted herd immunity.

It’s also important to understand the statistical measures of significance. For example, if a vaccine is claimed to be 50% effective but has a wide confidence interval (which is common), true efficacy may be much lower or equivalent to placebo. When the confidence interval crosses zero, the vaccine may have negative efficacy, which means that vaccinated people are actually more likely to contract the illness.

asdfIt’s also important to know that testing for the efficacy of coronavirus vaccines is mainly being conducted on adults 18-55 years of age. Health authorities believe that the elderly need an effective vaccine the most, but vaccines are least effective in this age group. So, a coronavirus vaccine that is 50% effective for an adult will surely be less effective or non-effective in the elderly. In fact, when other coronavirus vaccines (for SARS and MERS) were under development, scientists were unable to get them to be effective in elderly populations. This factor, and their poor safety profile, were the main reasons that earlier research on coronavirus vaccines was terminated.


Revelation 9:6

”In those days people will seek death but will not find it. They will long to die, but death will flee from them!”


Being open to different opinions is very important, and only that can save us. Thinking with our own brains, loving with our own hearts, and staying together no matter what, with hope…


Are you willing to take the COVID-19 vaccine?

Do you think that this pandemic may actually end on its own?

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