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Best Exfoliators You Can Create At Home + Tips On How Often To Use Them Based On A Skin Type

When it comes to skin exfoliators, beauty specialists have their own divided opinions – some claim that those are a necessary part of a beauty routine, while others claim that such treatments can bring more harm than good.

What’s the real truth here? Well, the truth is (like always), that getting an exfoliator is never bad as long as you are respecting the natural needs of your skin – so, it all depends on your individual needs!

In this article, I will show you what are the best natural exfoliators you can create at home (that cause no harmful reactions), and later on, share with you how often to use them based on your skin type.


These are the best natural exfoliators you can simply create at your own kitchen:

sdfsffrCoffee + yogurt. It’s summer and we all need some refreshment, don’t we? Well, for glowing skin and hydration you should always use yogurt. Here, we also need something that will act as a gentle exfoliator, which would be coffee. You can use fresh minced coffee for this purpose. The best thing about this natural exfoliator is that you can use it both for your face and body. For the face, it is capable of removing the dark circles under your eyes due to caffeine, and for the body – coffee acts great against cellulite. So, a win-win situation. Yogurt is here as a base that also acts as a hydrating agent.


Sugar & milk. Get ready for beach time with the best natural exfoliator ever! Countless ladies worldwide claim that you cannot get a better beauty treatment than with sugar & milk scrub! Trust me, I’ve tried dozens of different beauty products and none have brought me results like this one. Create your own paste with these two ingredients and use them both for the body and face. Besides that, this is also a great solution for dry and cracked lips.


Corn flour & olive oil. Struggling with very dehydrated skin? How many beauty products have you tried for this problem? None has worked? I understand… Yet, not all is lost – this amazing natural exfoliator definitely does wonders for your entire looks. Mix some corn flour and olive oil and gently exfoliate your skin. Amazing results guaranteed!

Okay, now when we have learned about the best natural exfoliators, let’s see how often you should use them.

For dry skin, you should use an exfoliator once a week, or once in two weeks. Be sure to try my first natural mix – it’s very gentle, but it will bring you the wanted results.

Have normal skin? Use any of these natural exfoliators once a week – that’s completely enough.

Greasy skin? These exfoliators are definitely a must in your beauty routine! Everyone who has greasy and oily skin should absolutely try sugar & milk scrub, as well as corn flour & olive oil exfoliating paste. Because you have greasy skin, you can practice these beauty treatments every five days (or whenever you have a need).

sdfwfOverall, we have learned a lot about natural exfoliators and individual skin needs in just one article, don’t you think?


What is your skin type?

Which of these natural exfoliators sounds the best to you?

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