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Climate change causing mental problems within children and younger population

Everyone is talking about the impact of social and mass media on children and younger population, but barely anyone is thinking about the climate changes which cause some huge changes within the brains of this population.

We all know how depression is a huge risk for suicide within the younger population. Besides that, it is also a major mental disability worldwide stopping people from living their own lives.

The truth is, genetics do play a role in the behaviors of children and youth, yet, climate changes can get things worse. And by worse, I really mean a lot worse.

yuThe researches have found how by every single year we have an increasing number of depressed children and youth. Besides that, many children have developed strange behaviors, mostly ADHD.

How can we know that such changes are caused by climate changes? We can, because the population that lives on those areas which are less affected by the climate changes have less mental issues.

This was not some sort of an ordinary experiment, but the scientists have really taken this all seriously. Extreme weather is known to make worse any mental problem. Just imagine yourself on some rainy days. Do you feel depressed more than on the others?

Yet, we are adults, we know what happens with us. Children don’t. Youth barely knows (even when they think they know everything-just kidding).

Numerous youths have developed different sorts of eating disorders since these harsh climate changes started happening. The problem is not with the rainy day I have talked above, but with the intense and long-lasting changes that happen on our beloved planet.

How do you feel when it is too hot in the room? Nervous, right? Well, imagine yourself not knowing anything about this world. That is how infants feel. They just feel the things around them. They don’t know how their body or mind function, right?

The whole problem with this is how children and youth don’t know about anything else but the states their minds are. Once they get used to that, they won’t make some changes when they grow up. Yet, the weather won’t become better as well, right? Unfortunately, it may become just worse. So, once their bodies start seeing our environment as a danger, we will see how huge that problem is. Or even worse, their bodies and minds already see our environment that way.

Once they become adults their bodies just continue feeling and acting that way. We can see so many young people having different health issues, mostly autoimmune ones. Those come from our mental ‘health’.

Their bodies respond to this ‘toxic’ environment. Most of the times when I just think about this whole problem, it makes me cry. What have we done to our planet?

Suicide rates were not that high before. In the 1950s, for example (when this world wasn’t that much toxic), there were approximately 15 suicides per 100, 000 people (depends on the country, of course).

sdfToday, that amount is much higher, approximately 20 suicides per 100, 000 people. In numerous countries worldwide suicide is one of the 10 causes of death.

Can we do something about this?

Is it too late to think about ”repairing” the climate changes?

Do we actually need a completely new educational system for our newest generations?

Do you think how people can understand this topic or is it still a taboo for them?

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