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Could We Live Forever

Let’s talk about… You guess what? TransHumanism! What that actually mean in the first place? Literally – beyond human! Most people would say transhumanism is the next step of evolution. Technology changes everything. The technology is already here and it’s already being developed around the world, so now we are heading to a very strange world… What will it bring to us?

That world we are now looking at is actually only a few years away, believe it or not. And unfortunately, we are not talking about a  decade here… Be sure to prepare your mind for the upcoming – it will be nothing like we know today.

Just think of a human brain for a moment. When you just think about all the options our brain has – both about those they know about and those they still don’t, you will easily come up to a conclusion about their next step. And what would it be? Connecting your neural link to machinery!

dfgdfgWhat we are doing with genetically modified animals, we will from now on also do with humans, giving people super human-like abilities. Isn’t that playing God?

Of course, it is… We do things we are not supposed to do as humans, constantly trying to end aging. IMMORTAL is the goal. And how high would the cost be for human society? You wouldn’t believe it… Yet, soon, we will all witness it.

AI and new technologies are developing faster and faster, while we miss the real point of everything that happens around us. Blinded by the screens of our smartphones that ”make our life easier”…

The so-called intelligent people already put themselves above God. They deny God. They are too intelligent to believe in such a thing. Only fools believe in fairy stories, right? Thou shall not build a machine in the likeness of the human mind – This is clearly Satan playing God.

Modern devices are now specifically designed to interact with us in ways that mimic a real human being. Applications such as “Siri” and “Google-Cast” are providing the user with a human-like interaction experience. Is that the coincidence? No, of course. They are constantly testing their future ”humans” and implementing their plans into our new and changed reality, to see how it works and what works the best.

The companies are creating artificially intelligent machines. Machines exhibiting cognitive behavior, with human-like intelligence. Have you heard that the researchers believe that very soon a “singularity” will be created? A machine that rises beyond human control… Something uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in catastrophic changes to human civilization. Could it be possible that humanity will soon arrive at a moment in history where artificial intelligence outsmarts human beings? Are Hollywood movies like “The Terminator”, “I-Robot” and “Space Odyssey 2001”  an unintentional warning that this scenario could happen within our not so distant future? If you ask me – DEFINITELY! They always serve us everything on the plate before they do it! Everything they call Sci-Fi will happen on a certain day!

Would this be a new way of evolution? It will be, but it won’t be good, neither it will bring anything positive to you and me, and the overall humanity. Yet, it will give them what they want the most – playing God, or better said, implementing Satan’s sick actions into our reality.

Transhumanism is not the way to eternal life! You will live forever in Heaven or Hell… It’s up to you to choose, and you know that very well…

They can replace the human brain, memory, and mind, but they can never replace the soul, always be sure about that. In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will desire to die, and death will flee from the…  Remember these words very well, those will repeat in your mind on a certain day.

We don’t need fools with machines like AI to do the thinking for us… No matter how they describe it, it’s an enslavement tool… Actually, who would even believe in the opposite even for a second, when their every action moves towards Satan. These fools dance around the truth, the intentions of the technology…

DARPA is the defense advanced research projects agency, one of the largest departments in the US and they have set aside millions of dollars for rewriting the DMA of our soldier.

Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism - illustrationDARPA is responsible for numerous sinister schemes, like stealing intellectual property and utilizing the acquisition for evil plans.

Be sure to remind yourself that you have the right to enhance your body!

Richard seed says – We are going to become God period, you don’t like it – get off, you don’t have to contribute, you don’t have to participate. If you are going to interfere with me becoming God you are going to have big trouble. And then you will have warfare.

It’s really sad about what society we live in… He definitely needs to realize the only reason they have a heartbeat every day, it’s simply because of God! He is patiently waiting for him to change his mind. But he must act quickly because one day that patient will no longer there, and the same goes for everyone else…

Be sure to open your eyes, and more importantly – open your heart & soul and feel the real faith within you. Don’t be afraid. Those who do God don’t have to be afraid. The light always wins at the end…

Do you believe that in the next years we may have a complete breakdown of society we know?

Do you often feel anxious because the future of us all is not safe at all?

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