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How to help your child stay a good person in a bad world?

I remember my mother’s and father’s talk one day when I was in my room and doing my homework. I have heard them talking even through the walls.

My mother is a very generous person, and she made all of us (three children) very good people. Unfortunately, you know how this world works. If you are not fighting for yourself constantly and most of the times doing everything in your power to succeed, even if that means harming others, you won’t ”succeed”, you will become a victim of this society.

So, the talk I heard between my parents revealed me one secret. My father didn’t live with us for so long (until the puberty struck in). He asked my mother why are we acting this way (many people harm us and we do not fight against them). She answered how she has done everything in her power to make us good and generous, and that really was the truth (I love you mom). But, my father has answered: ”Yes, you have made them their best, but NOT FOR THIS WORLD!” Overall, that’s the moment when I’ve realized how the world is actually cruel…

xgdfIf you are a parent, and if you are as my mom, I want to give you some hints to stay on the right track while trying to make your child become a good person in this cruel world. Check out the list below.

Be an example. We all know how children learn by a model. So, imagine some situation in which a good person ”doesn’t win”. It may be something ordinary (I am pretty sure you can imagine it). Okay, you have acted kind and generous, while the other person acted violently and got what they wanted. Your child will see that. But, you are the one that acts. Children barely implement some models by the action itself, but they see how you feel after something has passed. Have you got nervous? Angry? Tell them how that person ”that won” is not feeling okay, and there is nothing worse than feeling bad, right? Be specific and try to explain everything. You have permission to talk on an adult level in such a situation. Even if they don’t understand you, they will remember your words one day (trust me).

Surround yourself with good people. You cannot escape violent and evil people, that’s a fact. Yet, you can choose with whom you will hang out with in your free time. I am pretty sure how you will find similar families like yours. Be sure that your children hang out with their children. In that case, they won’t feel alone and besides that, they will share the same ideas.

Once they grow up… I must be honest with you, for thousands of times, I have dreamt of becoming that ‘bad’ person because it seemed like to me how they literally get everything in life. Until I have started acting ‘their way’. How did I feel? I felt sick. Literally sick. There is nothing more important than your own well being. And if you teach your children about important values in life and if you make them good people, they won’t feel good when they do something wrong (even for their own benefits).

sdsdgsOverall, this topic is still very confusing for many people. Yet, one fact will always be right-there is nothing more important than your own well being. No one can be ”a winner” if they don’t live in peace with themselves.

Are you worried about raising your children in our society?

Can you think of some other advice for nowadays parents?

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