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Cern Is Attempting To Recreate The Big Bang

Our planet is definitely under attack from literally all fronts! Our weather is turning wilder and our oceans are now polluted both with massive and microscopic debris. And our ecosystem? Our bodies are not even able to deal with the climate changes anymore!

The only defense we have now is knowledge. We all must learn what threatens the planet and create a plan to protect it. We are surrounded by evil constantly. People in power are telling us lies and they don’t care about our beloved planet. They are ruining it by each and every day. People are getting under mass control… Everything is falling apart…

adfqafdAs we have been told Cern is attempting to create the Big Bang, the first mimic of the creations. Yes, it’s a mimic to what it might have looked like the Universe… Are you tired of being embarrassed by a social system that seems to thrive on keeping us at odds with each other, and encourages us not to love or care about other races and respect peaceful beliefs? They are teaching our children pure hate! Why? Because it is easy to control angry people who want war.

The only thing that I or anyone else can do is to share the light of love. Take our inflated egos out of the equation and realize we have to lead a good example. No matter how much darkness or black rain surrounds us, it will never extinguish the light of love in your heart. And all it takes is just one spark of light to end the darkness in each of us, even if you don’t have a religious conviction.

When you think for a moment, you will realize how every country is constantly ”getting ready for war”. When asked to explain, politicians and people in power say how it is just to defend themselves. Defend themselves from whom? I haven’t heard how aliens are coming… We are all humans, why are we killing each others? What makes people do such horrible things?

Secret societies, for example, exist with a purpose to hide knowledge from people so they can create something bigger. That wouldn’t be a problem if they do create something good, but you can guess how that is not a case.

China will create that black rain. Just a name of it tells us a lot. But barely anyone knows what to expect… When you expect the worst, they are somehow still able to surprise you!

asfafLiterally everything you think you know of this world is all a fabricated lie designed by these mongrel hybrid defilers of humanity. They have no soul or empathy, literally. All they want is to be Gods! They also believe that Lucifer will grant this to them and their followers with child sacrifices and Satanic rituals to appease the Lord of the Pit and the spiritual deceiver on this plane of existence.

Just remember why Communism was actually created. It was brought here with a purpose to turn us all away from the truth of our creator. The same goes for Cern.

Are you worried about the things that are happening on our globe?

Can you imagine what would happen if we finally choose the right path for our planet and for us?

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