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Can Humans control the weather?

People are changing the weather, and that may not be good!

In the world of fiction, people can do anything with the weather. The X-Men’s Storm, for instance, uses her control of the atmosphere to create tornadoes, blizzards, lightning, and other phenomena. A witch named Jadis brings a never-ending winter to the land of Narnia in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Moreover, the new movie Geostorm has a modern take, with an array of weather-controlling satellites that keep the planet’s destructive forces in check. However, none of this is possible in reality. No one can deter a hurricane with gunfire or tame a tornado with liquid nitrogen. Still, people are changing the weather.

Humankind has always wanted to conquer everything. The Earth, the sea, the sky, and the Moon. He has taken pains to imitate nature by creating beaches, islands, and even artificial snow mountains, among other oddities. Weather modification, of a sort, has been possible since the 1940s. We can now cause some clouds to dump extra moisture on demand. People also have begun to transform the weather unintentionally — through activities that have been altering Earth’s climate. China is launching the world’s largest weather control machine, with the ability to modify the weather in an area similar to the size of Alaska. China has never shied away from doing things on a massive scale, and this is yet another example of the Chinese government working on an unprecedented scale. Magic or not, there is a growing interest in such attempts to deliberately steer the weather, and on a much larger scale.

asdasdThe main concern is whether changing Earth’s weather is a good thing or not?

“If climate change turns ugly, then many countries will start looking at desperate measures,” says David Victor, an energy policy expert at Stanford University and a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Unilateral geoengineering worries experts for two reasons — first, the massive side effects. Second, once started, geoengineering would probably have to be continued, as stopping could bring an abrupt change in the climate. “One of the many dangers with unilateral geoengineering is that once a country starts, it becomes tough to stop,” Victor says. “Removing a warming mask, even if it is a flawed mask, would expose the planet to even more rapid and probably dangerous warming.”

Has everyone forgotten about the aftermath of Fukushima the heat from all that radiation rotating around the northern hemisphere cooking the world, the floods in Texas, the Japan earthquake/tsunami/Fukushima, and so on?

There is a grave danger with this. This could cause us severe agricultural problems followed by infrastructure issues, and ultimately creating conflict and population depletion. HAARP is the only system that could save Dry Land and provide food for the starving, but no they choose to blackmail CHINA into financial handover and then arrange an Earthquake the day before to test their resolve.

These disasters were predicted thousands of years ago. Agenda 21/30 is the continuation of these disasters. To control the weather is to control the nation’s food supply, if you can control the food supply, then you can control the whole world!  The forced droughts in Australia have to be affecting the rainfall in other countries, and the rain has to fall somewhere. We can’t keep forcing water into the skies and not have it fall somewhere, and this seems to be in and around China. All the water that should be in the rivers is running down the streets.

When creating holes and trying to govern temperatures in various regions or trying to induce rain, it considerably dries the large areas vomiting heat pockets in the air. Apparently, several bodies are flirting with ancient technology involving weather control.

Do you know that last year it rained every Tuesday for five weeks near Detroit? We have been suspicious for a number of years, particularly after Cyclone Yasi in 2011, which hasn’t been mentioned in comparison to other strong cyclones and hurricanes, over the last couple of days. Yasi was called a Superstorm. It spans covered at least 400 kilometres, between Cairns and Townsville, in Australia. Fortunately, there was only one death, which was technically not directly due to Yasi. Property damage on the whole wide area was really minimal compared to what could have happened. If Yasi had hit any community in America, the death toll would have been massive, and no structures would have been left standing. We believe that Yasi was the forerunner to what we see today with Irma.

The biggest question we have for Americans is why are properties destroyed by Natural Disasters, not being replaced with structures that can withstand a Cat 5 system. To date, we have only heard mentioned one Cat 5 Hotel, which was constructed after H. Andrew. The knowledge is available, so why is there not a building code requirement in America of Cat 5 when rebuilding? It is because of substandard structures being allowed to be constructed around the world, that continual devastation is occurring. How many American homeowners have heard of Tax screwing their roofs rather than nailing them? Are the public advised to de-pressurize their properties? Authorities were terrified of Irma. Never before have so many millions of people required evacuation. With the devastation from Harvey and now Irma, the cost of rebuilding will be staggering. Cheap structures will replace cheap structures. It is kind of believable that Harvey and Irma was and is human-made.

sdfsdAs this has been going on for decades, we don’t know how much damage they have done. However, the spraying in the sky has to stop now immediately as they speed up their act. There are so many questions that you need to ask. But the public blindly accepts what is continually happening. We need to demand they stop this and let nature control the weather as it has always done. People will pay dearly for the catastrophe they are inflicting on all humans and life on the planet. Nature didn’t need us to play God, and it never will. If we insist on doing it, nature will devastatingly stop us.

Remember, controlling the world is no different than destroying the world.

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