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US-China trade war: its catastrophic aftermath pushes the stock market into its next recession

The China-United States trade war is an in-progress trade war initiated by President Donald Trump between the People's Republic of China and therefore the United States of America characterized by increasing tariffs and alternative measures since 2018. The hashtag #TrumpSlump was trending on Twitter as markets plunged over issues regarding President Donald Trump's escalating China trade…

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New Fashion Trend has Men Dressing in Skirts, Dress & 6 Inch Heels!

On the 10th August, roughly 2,500 runners set out on a streamy 2-mile trot through the French Quarter to raise money for 15 local non-profits. But instead of shorts and T-shirts, the female athletes wore flouncy cardinal-coloured cotton shifts, ruby-hued backless cocktail dresses, scarlet chiffon skirts, and cherry-toned tulle tutus. The male athletes also dressed…

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