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11-year old girls can now go topless. Feminists declare victory in Colorado!

When it comes to feminism, as a woman, I would like to say a few things first. The truth is that we don’t have the same rights as men. I mean, just think about salaries for a bit. Women and politics – hmmm, that just doesn’t happen that easily… Anyways, women and children are definitely not equal as men and we don’t even have the same protection.

But, can feminism change that? I really don’t like the way it works sometimes. It hasn’t brought us many good things recently, but it is definitely making some bizarre scandals from time to time.

adfasdfIt seems like how their newest ”victory” was about allowing young girls to walk topples around Colorado. Wow, has someone really spent so much energy to achieve that? But maybe there’s a bigger picture behind it that can help women achieve freedom…

Fear of prosecution doesn’t exist for ladies anymore around Fort Collins. All women are allowed to walk topless whenever they want!

Colorado has found itself in a situation where the city needed to remove the law where girls aging less than 10 shouldn’t go topless.

Okay, here we have an interesting situation. To be completely honest, what’s the world’s problem with women’s nipples? You know, it’s really some sort of a weird conspiracy against showing those. Our breasts are made for feeding our babies, aren’t they?

So, you may think that I am on feminists side, and I am in some sort – because if you think that showing your nipples is not normal, then why men can show theirs? Probably because a lot of men consider women as sexual objects more than mothers. That’s not women’s problem, right?

But what catches my eye in this bizarre situation is how they talk about very young girls. I believe how the biggest problem here will be pedophiles.

Yes, you can teach women to finally love and show their bodies as men do, but can you teach psychopaths and pedophiles that as well? I am somehow worried that we will soon read some news where a sick pedophile raped a topless 11-year-old girl just because she was topless.

If that doesn’t happen, I believe how the rest of the world will follow this example in the near future.

What makes me angry about all these projects and protests is how those are often followed by a lot of hate, violence, drama or you name it. As a woman, I really am sick and tired of not being treated equally in this ‘men’s world’, but I am not sure if topless young girl idea is a good way to go.

The better would definitely be to start educating our children from very early age. I know that’s hard and sometimes almost impossible to be achieved, but have we ever tried? No, we didn’t.

Spending so much money on such protests and goals is somehow weird, but I always want to believe how those people have actually thought about it all before even starting with it.

afdsAnyways, what will happen next will definitely make huge impacts on our society. Hopefully, we will be all able to go around topless without thinking about being raped or considered weird.

If that doesn’t happen (and probably won’t – at least not soon), then we will have tons of new rapes and ‘new-born’ psychopaths.

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

What is your personal opinion on this topic?

Why a weird conspiracy about women nipples exist?

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