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28 girls were hospitalized after playing with a demonic game board

Scary things are happening in Columbia. What people don’t realize is that this became just another way for them to encourage kids to use the demonic game board.

If you know you know – things are not as naive as many still believe. Do NOT mess around with Ouija boards. You don’t always get symptoms right away if you get possessed while using that thing. Why use this board “game” at school?

That’s the biggest wonder –  The problem is that Ouija boards are still referred to as board games, despite the widespread knowledge that they facilitate communicating with spirits. Kids think it’s funny, they play these games to show their friends courage, but in the end, no one is happy.

It’s not funny, this world is getting more evil by the day! If you still think that this board can do you harm, reassess your beliefs.

There’s a reason why the Ouija board company made millions of those boards for all homes. People opening up portals and inviting spirits and don’t even know about it. Very soon, their life always changes for the worse. These things are not made to be played with.

How many times have many of us seen, out of the corner of our eye? Black figures, and when I look straight at them, they vanish. You don’t need an ouija board to feel the war that’s unfolding. The youth of today are missing out on learning about God. Parents are not teaching their kids to learn about the creator, which is partly the cause of the craziness of trans kids and child drag queens. I feel like good education of the 10 commandments and feeling guilty for doing evil is not part of the main society in 1st world countries.  Just hearing that a woman was arrested for praying silently in her mind really shook me to see how evil is praised and anything regarding the Creator has become bad. 

If you pull the devil’s tail, he will respond, most everyone messing with the BOARD know what the power behind it might be… Curiosity makes people try it and the devil knows it, and in this curiosity, he finds his prey  The most important rule when touching these evil boards is to always say goodbye to close whatever dimension, portal, or door you foolishly opened.  They allowed black magic into schools?!? It’s all a big joke until the devil arrives.

Look for the Devil and eventually, you’ll find him. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

These games are here to trick you. Don’t believe those who are far away from God. They think everything on this Earth is made for fun, but that’s a huge mistake.

Children who play with these boards are capable to ruin their lives from a very early age. You never know – they later on become sick, have mental health issues, fall in love with a very toxic person, and are more prone to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Actually, all those places where the devil hides become open.

Have you realized that more and more children are playing on these boards?

Are you afraid of them?

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