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Are the others breaking your emotional, physical & spiritual boundaries?

You can live for many years or even decades not knowing why your life doesn’t look like how you want. Often, people who are sensitive and have kind hearts tend to blame themselves for all those ‘failures’ in life.

But, have you ever stopped and wondered who surrounds you? I mean, you have to think about who really surrounds you… Is your environment full of toxic people that just use you to feel better or to get something from you?

Here, I want to give you some warning signs which will let you know that the others are breaking your emotional, physical and/or spiritual boundaries. Let’s do that through three columns. Be sure to think about these signs:

zdfssEmotional boundaries

-People will either try to make you feel guilty about something that has happened, or they will always try to make you feel worthless. It can be that someone just says a ‘simple’ sentence like:” Oh, you really look bad today!” Do you see? No one who doesn’t want to hurt you wouldn’t say something like that because it doesn’t have any point but to make you feel less worthy. Their problem? Low self-esteem, so they are trying to bring yours down as well.

-They won’t care about your choics and preferences, but will always insist on their ideas and then get angry at you if you say – no. Saying no to them is not an option because if you do that, they will do everything in their power to make you miserable for at least something you’ve done (usually in a long distant past).

Physical boundaries

-When you are just a little baby, you learn who can hold you, to whom you can trust, who do you love, and who is a stranger. When we grow up and build relationships, it may happen that we enter into those with some very toxic people. If someone is forcing you to have sex when you don’t want to (but you do it just not to make them feel ”sad” or rejected), that means how they are crossing your physical boundaries. You will after that feel depressed and ashamed because it will seem like you are not the owner of your body.

Spiritual boundaries

-Everyone has their own beliefs related to spirituality. If someone is constantly making jokes about your religion, spiritual goals, or just stopping you from growing, you must know how that’s a warning sign. That person doesn’t love you and support you, but they are just very miserable and have to make themselves feel better (about themselves) by dragging you down and making fun of you.

-If you are working on self-improvement and receive no support from your ‘beloved people’, that means how they are not your beloved people. They don’t want to see you succeed.

zscvThe sad thing is that most of the times very good people get into these traps. And you know why? Because narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths always search for fragile souls and kind people. They want to suck their energy until they completely ruin you.

Although they may be acting charming at first, be sure to realize on time that they are like spiders, dragging you down into their net, slowly, day by day…

Have some of the explained situations happened to you before?

Are you now sure how to recognize when someone crosses your own precious boundaries?

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