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Controlling the children = Controlling the future of the world

Alice Bailey once said that when you are changing a nation – don’t bother with the old people, they are too stuck in the old traditions and will not change. Instead, GO for the CHILDREN.

I am sure you can simply understand her words and their meaning. Alice also claimed that when we want people to change, we should go for the children that are 10 years old and younger. Have I already mentioned that Bailey was the creator of Lucifer trust? Yes, it’s now known as Lucis Trust.

The problem with this Lucis Trust is that it’s connected to the UN and the WHO. Isn’t this just mind-blowing? And how quickly all of this technology is so readily available? Now I can surely say it was all a plan…

gfdbKids not going to school? Is that just how things have to be, or is there something hidden behind it? They wanted them out of schools so companies could set up the 5G towers without anyone complaining. I hate to say it but if you’re a parent and you agree to this insanity then it’s hard for me to feel sorry for you as victims.

Anyways, I will always feel for the children of the dolts who comply with and encourage their own destruction. They have been after us, adults, for quite a while. But I was wondering how long before they come after the children?

It seems like these kids will never have a normal life experience in school or anywhere else for that matter. I am truly sorry about that.

Did you know that they have already had this system in place at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas NV for the employees? My friend used to work there as a GM and the chip is embedded into the uniform. They tell you they can track everywhere you are in the building and how long you spend in each area. Still not bothering you? But those uniforms are also taken home! Basically they can track you and your family all the time! Not to mention that my friend worked there in 2016. Imagine how this madness has grown these days…

Absolutely horrible times for new and young generations! Children are not even allowed to grow up as real humans. How don’t people see that this is child abuse? You’re inhibiting the normal socialization and development of children by preventing them to be close and interact with each other. They are treating kids like prisoners. Sickening!

The worst thing that makes me sad is how parents still believe this all is for children’s safety.

Time to stick to homeschooling… This is outrageous! They are preparing us for the chip to be eventually inserted in us. We’re living in the twilight zone! Humans have actually been conditioned to be afraid of humans these days…

csddaHave you heard that kids in the UK already pay for their lunch in schools via their fingerprint? A machine reads the fingerprint and it shows up how much money the child has.

What they are doing is conditioning the public so they can tell who is who…

Have faith in yourself, God, your family, and your children. Don’t let these evil people take their life, future, and create monsters from them.


Do you have children?

How is their childhood different than yours?

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