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9 ways to be generous when you don’t have any money to give

People often think that they cannot be generous when they are not able to give or donate money to someone. Actually, there are many other ways in which you can express your empathy and generosity. I don’t want to take much of your time, so let’s see what we can really do (without money) to make someone’s life better!

Serve at your local home care. Don’t miss the opportunity to use your time and talents as well. These places always need volunteers. When you find one, you can also donate unused items. Most of us have way too much stuff.

asfdvKnow how much you need. While we are still talking about clothes and items, let’s be honest about one thing – take a look in your closet. Do you see clothes you haven’t been wearing for quite a while? That means you don’t need it. Someone else will really appreciate to have it, so donate.

Do the same for other items in your home. Do you have some unused furniture that just collects dust in your basement? There are many homeless people and even more of those who want to create a home but don’t know where to start. Help them. Give the items directly to someone who will use it or donate it to a local non-profit.

Send notes of encouragement. Do that for anyone who needs it. It is like two minutes to you, while it means a lot to someone. Make their day.

Give your time. Most generous people I have seen are not just generous with their money but they are generous with their time. They look for opportunities to serve. They put others before themselves. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone put others before themselves?

dasfTeach someone something. If you have some special talents or if you have some knowledge in some field, teach someone who wants to learn more about it. Of course, do it for free.

Cook a meal for someone who needs it. I often bring lunch to homeless people after I cook it. You would be surprised how happy they are when they see me coming.

Drive someone somewhere. Many elderly people suffer from different health conditions and it also happens that their families live far away. If you see that your neighbor is struggling to get to that doctor’s appointment every morning, why wouldn’t you offer a drive to that person?

Always think about our environment. Don’t be that person who doesn’t respect Mother Nature. Treat our planet and environment with respect. Take care of animals, and especially homeless ones. Don’t throw away the food in the containers when you can sometimes feed homeless cats and dogs with it. Don’t be lazy.

When I take a look at this list, I actually realize that these facts and behaviors are somehow normal and natural to me. I don’t think of them as being generous anymore, but I consider such behaviors as normal human behaviors (or at least, that is how it should be for everyone, right?).

Unfortunately, we constantly need to remind our society to act kind and remember their true nature.

Do you already do some of these acts?

In your opinion, who needs the most help in our society?

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