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Can you guess what would be the biggest moral problems in our modern society?

Every era of our society had its own moral dilemmas and problems. Have you ever thought what would be the biggest moral problems of the nowadays society? The truth is, our society is now in many ways different than it was before. At one moment, it will face huge problems that will change our whole world. Or has it faced already? Check out the biggest moral dilemmas and think about those for a while!

Family. Since the early history of our mankind, people lived in groups. Humans are social beings, that’s for sure. But, with the rules and way of life a modern society brought it, it seems like how families are not ”so popular” anymore. More and more couples are getting divorced, and besides that, many young couples aren’t even thinking about having a family anymore. They want freedom, as they say. It seems like how people in nowadays world lost many important values. Just imagine what will happen with the future generations which won’t grow up in a healthy and complete family as we all once did. They are today adopting children as single parents, for example. This problem is the hugest moral problem of our modern society.

wqqwedSolitude. People today like to live alone and to be alone. They are not hanging out with other people as they used to a few decades before. Why is that so? Scientists claim how that is because of the rise of the Internet and so many social media platforms. People are constantly ”hanging out” with their friends or relatives online, but they are barely talking with them in the real life in that amount as they do through social media. So, how it affected our society? People tend to like their solitude a little bit too much. Unfortunately, people are actually lonely. You know the difference between solitude and loneliness, right? Solitude is when a person enjoys being alone, and loneliness is when someone is very sad not to have anyone to share his or her feelings and ideas with. Let’s say that nowadays people are actually lonely, but they are also very selfish. Many started taking care of themselves only, and not thinking about others. People today are very cold too. Connect this fact with the previous one to get the whole idea of nowadays moral problems in our society.

Creativity crisis. I need to connect this ”future” problem with technology too. New generations are very different from us. They have lost their own sparks and creativity because of modern technology. Although new technological achievements can help us live better lives and explore many science fields differently, for an ordinary person that probably won’t have so many good sides. Nowadays children also don’t know how to make conclusions. They want it all and they want it now. Their patience is not the same as was ours at their age. It seems like how only powerful individuals will rule our world, like scientists, while others will face a drop in IQ and creativity. We all know how a man without creativity cannot achieve his full potentials.

asdadqdAs you can see, nowadays modern society has many problems to think about. The biggest moral problem in our society is actually selfishness! Also, people have completely forgotten what real-life values are.

How do you imagine our society to look like in the next 50 years?

From your opinion, which of these problems will have the hugest impact on our world?

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