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9 bad things that affect your health when traveling

There are many things that affect your health while traveling. Some effects are noticeable, while others negatively impact the body at a cellular level and contribute negatively to your condition while being away from home.

At the list below, you will find out what really happens with your health and body when you are ‘on the road’ and how can traveling sometimes be even dangerous.

Insects in different localities… can lead to some diseases. Seriously, think of it for a moment. When I just imagine traveling to faraway countries, I first ask myself – do I really know enough about their insects? Do I know how to recognize dangerous species? You must admit, it is not the same to recognize dangerous mosquito in Europe and in Africa…

Poor blood circulation. This mostly happens if you travel for a while. Long bus rides are definitely unpleasant for your body, and especially for your circulation. You may find yourself feeling constantly cold. Your immune system may become weaker as well.

adfvDehydration. People drink less water when they are away from their beloved homes. We can connect that without having the ability to visit the toilet whenever wanted or needed. It also happens that tourists drink a little bit more alcohol than usual when they are visiting some other country.

Disorder of the time. Traveling affects your brain as well. If you are constantly feeling confused while traveling, know that your biorhythm doesn’t like that time change. Your body is used to eat, drink, and do other activities at some proper time. When traveling, it all gets messed up.

Climate change. This is especially bad for people who are suffering from some sort of chronic pain. Travelers who fight with rheumatic diseases won’t have a great time as well. As someone who suffers from chronic sinusitis, I must admit how climate/weather changes definitely affect my breathing.

Food poisoning. Are you sometimes afraid to eat the local food on the street in some foreign countries? Well, you should be… Food poisonings and stomach problems happen a lot on vacations.

Bacteria. If you are traveling by airplane or by bus, you can expect to be surrounded by countless different sorts of bacteria. Although not all of those are harmful, you can at least expect to get some acne on your face.

Sleeping habits. When you want to travel to some country in Europe, the bus most of the time goes by night. Who has ever slept in a night bus ride? You will be at your destination the next morning, but you can imagine how will you feel without sleep and with so much pain in your body because of discomfort.

sfdDirty hotels. Like really, a lot of things are dirty when you travel. Airplanes, buses, metro stations, and even hotels. All these places are full of different bacteria. You can easily catch a flue if some tourist that have been in the same hotel before you had it.

I must admit how these facts make me travel less. If those things are different, I would enjoy my vacations more.

What is the worst health issue while traveling?

Do you also feel that everything around you is dirty while being ‘on the road’?

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