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Are bank robbers always worse than those who ‘own’ a bank?

Strange title for an article? Well, not really… I was actually inspired by the TV series Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) I watched recently.

The story in Money Heist is half true. Or better said, there are some parts of it that represent the real-life and what actually happened between the bank robbers and bank ‘owners’.

afdvI would like to think of it as of Robin Hood. What did he do? He took from the rich to give to the poor, right? Yes, but the point of the story is a little bit deeper. He took from those rich people who have taken money (figuratively) from those poor people. Overall, Robin Hood just gave them back what is theirs!

When it comes to La Casa de Papel’s story, there are some things that will make you think about our society for a bit. These facts bring us a valuable message, and they are based on the true story:

Salvador Dali masks. Robbers in Money Heist had Salvador Dali masks on their faces. Ever wondered why? Because this mask actually represents the rejection of modern capitalist society. They were inspired by the events that have happened at the beginning of the 20th century (Zurich Dada movement). People weren’t satisfied with the way society started to work and they have tried to express themselves through art, fighting for their rights. People have realized how the Government and the country are taking as much as they can from them. They have started feeling like slaves! Working and then getting nothing in return, but only making certain people even richer!

Bella Ciao song. It just cannot leave your head easily – once you hear it. What does this song represent? Robbers in Money Heist have been singing it together, but why? Does it have some deeper meaning? Oh yes, it does… It is actually a hymn of resistance. It brings us the message of how we all should fight without even thinking about quitting. What should we fight against? In this case, it clearly represents fighting against the system. It represents helping people. It tells us how there is always hope – if we don’t give up!

asfdwTheir mission. What was the true mission of Money Heist’s robbers? Did they want to get rich? Of course, they did. But that wasn’t the only plan they’ve had. Robbers from La Casa de Papel wanted to give money back to people. They knew how a situation in society isn’t bright and how everyone is working for a low salary, while they still have to give a lot of their hard-earned money to the bank.

Overall, these facts clearly show you how nothing is always black or white. If you think about it for a little bit, you must admit how Alex Pina, the creator of this show, wanted to send us a rebellious yet powerful message that can maybe change the way we think about our capitalistic society.

I am often sad because I see that nowadays generations don’t stand up against almost anything anymore. I truly think about how we all were very different in the past.

Or are people nowadays just completely burned out?

Or are we satisfied with our small lives we live?

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