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Do women see control by choosing a weaker partner?

Now the confusing question is why do some women like weak men?          

Some women are turned off by dominant men and only prefer submissive ones who are much weaker than the average man. I am also pretty sure you read somewhere that nice guys finish last which is also a fact. So how come some women only prefer submissive men?

To understand this puzzling question you need to know a few facts about Adlerian psychology. According to Alfred Adler, everyone strives for superiority to overcome their perceived weaknesses. As a result, people fall into two main categories.

Those who strive for superiority by doing something useful and those who want to achieve the same goal by doing something completely useless. A person who excels at work and becomes CEO of the company he works for is a perfect example of someone who strives for superiority by doing something useful. On the other hand, a person who develops compulsive behavior when washing hands is an example of a person who seeks superiority over the wasteful side of life. You may be wondering, what does superiority have to do with frequent hand washing?

This person’s subconscious believes that he can achieve the goal of superiority by becoming purer than everyone else. Of course, not all people with OCD develop OCD.

In the first years of life, everyone feels inferior. After all, we are all born weak and helpless. The brave strive for superiority by doing useful things, while the less brave are distracted by useless behaviors. Women who are not brave enough try to achieve their goal of superiority by finding weaker men who can control them. After all, it is much easier for them to find someone weak than to try to become strong. Of course, this isn’t the only reason why some women prefer weak men, but it is the main reason.

Furthermore, if a woman grew up in a family where the man was submissive, she might grow up trying to repeat that experience by seeking out a weaker man. But that only happens if the woman is not brave enough.

I suspect that people are attracted to what they are not, or at least what they would like to be. You fall into the trap of accepting attention from weak men because they compliment you so much and appreciate your strength. Everyone likes to be admired, right? Weak men like strong women because they have the power they want. Meanwhile, strong women allow weak men into their lives because they show them admiration and adoration and fulfill their desires.

That’s the terrible thing. Weak men want a mother figure, someone to tell them what to do, where to be, and how to live. They love this crazy existence. I suspect it’s the same with weak women and their daddy figures. This is a dysfunctional and, in my opinion, strange and frightening relationship dynamic. As a reminder, women are not rehab facilities for emotionally retarded men.

Mind your own business as a strong woman. This makes you a sweet and shiny target for men who can’t stand anything! I feel sorry for this man, but you won’t do his laundry or pay his bank account. Worse, many of them can handle the nonsense but not the emotional baggage. It’s not your job to do that for him. That does not happen.

You like to command, at least at first. You have control over your life anyway, so why not with a man? That thrill wears off quickly when you ask him to make a decision, any decision, and he just can’t bring himself to do it. You want to get sued, but you get impatient and do all the work at the beginning. This creates an undesirable pattern where you take the lead in everything.

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