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8 common mistakes everyone makes in a new relationship

A new relationship comes with its own challenges. The start of a relationship is always special. You are excited to get to know this person but you are also a tad nervous about how things will turn out. As much as we’d all love for it to be true, relationships aren’t like fairy tales. They take more work than people realize, especially when one or both of you make one of the most common relationship mistakes. It is natural to feel a mix of emotions when you are just getting to know someone but there are some mistakes that you really need to avoid during this period. Here are some of them: 
Moving too fast: If you’re already talking marriage and the relationship has just begun, that could be a problem. It’s important to spend time getting to know each other before big decisions are made. Moving too fast can cause you to miss the little things. If you’re moving too fast now, other parts of the relationship might get rushed as well. It’s OK to take the beginning of the relationship slow to ensure it will make it long-term. Enjoy the discovery phase of the relationship first. Not respecting his or her personal space: Spending all your free time together might seem like the best thing to do right now, but you also need to give and get some space of your own in return. No matter how the relationship shapes up, you do need to give your own self-priority, and not just spend every waking minute together. 

Cutting off from friends and family: You are happy and you want to be together all the time, but that doesn’t mean you need to cut your friends and family out. You can be in a relationship and still have your own set of friends and family that you continue giving priority to. Remember they were here first. 
Making unrealistic promises: When you make unrealistic promises, that means you will eventually break those promises. Breaking promises is a great way to damage the trust you worked so hard to build in your relationships. Better to skip making promises you can’t keep.Depending on each other too much: If you’re completely dependent on your partner, what will you do if you break up suddenly? Depending too much on each other isn’t healthy. Not only does it make things harder if the relationship ends, but it can keep you trapped with a lack of options. 
Comparisons to the ex: Whether you are comparing yourself to his ex or him to your ex, it’s harmful either way. There is a reason both of you are out of those relationships so it’s best to not compare what you have with this person to what you had in the past. 
Trying to change each other: As maybe some of your habits will change now that you are in a relationship but excepting the other person to change and fit into your definition of perfect is just not happening. Trying too hard to please each other: Trying too hard sets up unrealistic expectations, which always lead to disappointment. You can’t do everything and be everyone to your partner, no matter how much you may want to. This is especially problematic if one person is doing all of the pleasing in a relationship. 

Not accepting the problems: The start of the relationship is the worst time to have a fight because arguments mean that not everything is perfect. While you may like to keep up the pretense of living the perfect life just a little longer, arguments and problems are part of the relationship. 
Ignoring red flags: It’s tempting to overlook less-than-ideal personality traits at the beginning of a relationship, either because you’re smitten, or because you really want things to work out. But don’t overlook lying, name-calling, aggression, jealousy, or overindulgence in substances as these can all be warning signs of a future toxic relationship.You need to accept each other for who you are instead of trying to change things.

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