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11 Ways You’re Showering Wrong

It’s interesting to find out that we often make mistakes with simple things we do on a daily basis. Have you ever wondered if you may be showering wrong? How silly is that – what can go wrong? You just shower and that’s it, no problem, right? Well, not really. We have created a list that will easily show you that you may be making some mistakes under the shower, and those may affect your hygiene, and overall – health status.

1. You are neglecting your back. This is the most common mistake people make under the shower – they neglect washing their back properly. Too many people cannot even reach their back with their hands, therefore, they just wash it as they can, which is most often – not enough. Find a long brush that will help you to wash your back in a proper manner.

2. Feet. The second mistake too many people make is that they don’t soap and wash their feet. Why? Because many believe that it is enough for their feet to be soaked in water that already contains soap or shower gel. But it’s not enough – your feet sweat too much. Wash them properly.

3. Too much shower gel. Don’t use too much shower gel because it will only make your skin dry. No, it won’t make you cleaner. Besides that, why would you waste money on something that doesn’t bring you any good, but harms your skin?

4. Hot water. Yet another mistake we all make – showering with very hot water. What’s the problem? Very hot water may dry your skin, but not only that. It can influence skin’s natural barrier – or better said, make it weaker. If you have problems with blood pressure, be sure that you shower with just warm or mild water, but never hot.

5. You wash your hair every single day. Why is this bad? Because you will ruin the natural balance of your scalp. Many people who have oily hair claim that they have to wash it on a daily basis, but that just makes the problem even bigger. If you remove natural oil from your scalp on a daily basis, it will just produce more oil.

6. Rough towels. Don’t be too rough with the towels because you can hurt sensitive layers of your skin.

7. Body lotions. These are a must today – why wouldn’t you spend a few extra minutes putting a body lotion on your body after showering? It will bring you amazing effects – protect your skin, make it stronger, but also make it softer.

8. Dirty bathtub floor. If you don’t clean your bathtub floor often – we have bad news. Bathtub floors are very dirty and it is truly a must to clean them at least once a week.

9. Showering for too long. Don’t shower for too long because that may dry your skin out and cause your blood pressure to rapidly drop. Showering for 5 minutes per day should be enough.

10. Shaving. If you are shaving during the shower, never forget to use a foam or shower gel before you start. In this case, you’ll escape irritations.

11. You don’t shower regularly. In the end, we must mention this as well – many people believe that they shouldn’t shower daily because that may help them create a stronger skin barrier. In fact, that’s not true. You are sweating every single day, and our environment is becoming more polluted with each second. Remember – 5 minutes daily is enough. No excuse.

Do you make some of these mistakes?

Can you think of some other mistakes people make while showering?

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