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Was 2020 your worst year? Read this…

What is your first association when you think of 2020? Numerous people worldwide claim it was their worst year, or at least, one of the worst years in their lives. But was that the real truth? Will 2021 be better? And what about the upcoming years? Was this just a beginning?

When it comes to me, 2020 was thebest & worst year of my life because it points to the Bible’s prophecy being true! Yet, I also came to realize that the ignorance of this world is disturbing. 2020 was just level 1. Now, who’s ready for level 2?

It’s absolutely heartbreaking. This is what happens when you turn your back to God, this is what happens when you totally disrespect his word… The things that are happening are about to change everything forever.


New diseases that never existed before suddenly appear ‘out of nowhere’. Everything around us is just disaster after disaster. We have people playing God – all that will have serious consequences.

Quantum and D-Wave computers are fallen angel technology. These scientists are doing exactly what LUCIFER attempted to do before he was cast out of heaven – trying to be God. They are just paving their way to self-destruction. Excess of technology and drugs will destroy humanity if God does not intervene.

One thing’s for sure – the entire world has changed and it’s not going back to what it was. The Antichrist is the product of this technology – Who remembers that movie called Lucy? There was a technology that she merged when she vanished. In short words, this technology was already here and they are just now making it viral. And then they say – it’s 100 trillion faster than the fastest supercomputer. Just think about it…

How do they even quantify this number – China will be a big part in instituting the beast system, that’s for sure. Demonic infiltration to destroy human DNA – Ancestry has a lot of people’s DNA to mess with…

Another satanic rollercoaster ride awaits us in 2021, you’ll see it yourself.

What to do about it? Are you powerless? Only faith in God can stabilize one’s existence within Satan’s playground. China’s doing nothing different than what America has been doing before.

You know, ”Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, just like the song says. The Chinese super soldiers won’t last very long when used as they are in fact ”Made in China”. Should this make me laugh or cry?

sdfvedfeFrankly, the ID2020 Wrist “Stamp” tattoo file, that works with SMART technologies to read, will eventually be your “key” to unlock everything, i.e., front doors to living spaces, ability to stock and access fridge food, phone/internet, all legal transactions among others, control of heat/electricity/lights in homes, electronic transportation (by 2030-34, no gasoline and independent cars & drivers), etc.

So, in 2023 it may just seem like easily restricted air/bus/train travel, school and work, public places, including stores, entertainment, exercise, restaurants, doctors/dentists, etc., but as society is “transformed” into only SMART technology dwellings, streets, etc., total life control of the body, movement, actions, and thoughts will be curtailed…

As planned, this will all happen very quickly – unless, for some miraculous reason, the core controllers (present owners of our world, generationally) change their minds or fight among themselves about these plans and actions.

Have faith in God, here’s the only one you can trust…


What do you expect to happen in 2021?

When do you expect the plandemic to end?

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