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10 Best Hair Tips of All Time

There are a lot of beauty buzzwords that you must have heard and a lot of product recommendations you must be using, but there is no shame in admitting that you do not always know what is best for your hair. Everyone’s hair texture is different. It doesn’t matter if you have curly hair, thin hair, oily hair, dry hair or any other type of hair because certain hair care tips are universal and work for all hair types. Check out the following hair care tips and start taking better care of your tresses.

dfsffHair Care Tip #1 Condition Correctly: Chances are you already know that you should use conditioner, but are you sure you’re using it the right way? A big mistake we made for the longest time was applying conditioner all over our hair from root to tip. However, we have since learned that doing so can create a lot of buildup on your scalp. So, apply conditioner only from the mid-length to the ends of your hair and wash it off after 2 minutes.

Hair Care Tip #2 Blow-dry properly: While blow-drying or heat styling your hair, let your hair cool before taking it off the brush. If you speed it along then the hair styling will not last for too long. In worse cases, you might also have to face hair loss.

Hair Care Tip #3 don’t dry off using a towel: A towel totally seems like the obvious way to remove excess water and start drying your hair post-shower, but it may not be what’s best. The better option is to squeeze out excess water and then dry off using an old cotton T-shirt, which is gentler than a towel.

Hair Care Tip #4 Protect hairs before heat styling: We all love how our hair looks after a blowout or heat styling session, but excessive heat styling can do a number on your hair. While we wouldn’t expect you to part with your hot tools completely, it is a must to make one small adjustment when you’re using heat to style. Make sure every single time you should be applying a protective product first, before blow-drying, straightening, or curling your hair.

sdfsdfsdfsdf Hair Care Tip #5 only straighten and curl dry hair: Think about what happens when you drop water into a hot pan, then consider if you want the same to happen to your hair. We think not! That’s why you never want to use a curling iron or hair straightener when your strands are wet or even just a little damp. It’s well worth the wait to let your hair completely dry, whether you’re air drying or giving your hair a blast with a blow-dryer.

Hair Care Tip #6 Hair wash trick: To get the best out of your hair wash to start at the crown and divide your hair into four sections. Then work the shampoo from the back of your head to the front towards the roots. This will make your hair cleaner and shiner.

Hair Care Tip #7 Use hair masks before working out: Typically, people like using hair masks after hitting the gym to revive their strands. But according to one stylist, the opposite is actually more beneficial for your hair health. Did you know the salt from your sweat can actually dry out your hair? If you apply [a mask] before your workout, the ingredients push moisture into your strands and seal it in before the salt has a chance to dry your hair out. The heat from your workout will allow the mask the work deeper, and then all you have to do is rinse and go!

Hair Care Tip #8 don’t use shampoo so often: If you’re using shampoo every time you shower, stop what you’re doing immediately. According to studies, the process dries out your hair, making it hard to achieve shiny, moisturized strands. Instead, use a little dry shampoo or go for a chic low-pony on days you’re feeling a little greasy.

Hair Care Tip #9 Use the right brushes: Using one brush for everything is easy, but not the best for your hair. But hey, different brushes are designed to provide different functions. Boar-bristle brushes enhance smoothness by polishing the cuticle layer. There are also wet brushes with soft bristles and flexible pads to gently detangle wet hair more quickly. Paddle brushes are designed to detangle long hair, and Denman brushes are great for anti-static and provide good tension for optimal styling. There are also various sizes of round brushes designed to help straighten, build body and volume, and enhance soft waves.

asdfafsdafHair Care Tip #10 don’t pull your hair back too tightly: The way you put up your hair could be causing major damage—especially if you’re tying it back too tightly. Whether it’s a ponytail or a fancy up-do. Take it easy; otherwise, you could see balding and other issues pop up in the future. Over time, this will put a strain on the finer hair around the front hairline and make it go thinner and become weak.

So, that’s it, ladies! A few hair care tips to keep in mind to ensure the health of your hair.

Did any of them take you by surprise?

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