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You won’t believe 13 foods that have more sugar than Coke

Whenever there is the talk of foods great in sugar, soft drink is often mentioned, such as Coke.

With a huge 39g of sugar per 375ml can (or 10.6g per 100ml), soft drink is extremely great in added sugar, especially when you consider the relatively large serving sizes usually absorbed. What may surprise you is that there are actually plenty of other supermarket foods that have even more sugar than Coke.

While we may not always consume 100g of the food in question, they are still extremely great in added sugar.

Here are some of the worse violators.


Commonly known as a nut spread, a nearer look at the ingredient list will expose that Nutella is actually made from veggie oil and sugar with just 13% of the mix coming from nuts. In healthy conditions, this means Nutella travel alarm clocks in at 54% sugars or 10.9g of sugars within a tablespoon. And let’s be sincere, who prevents at just a tablespoon?

adfafdTiny Teddies

A well-known school lunch box addition, these simply lovely cookies may look relatively simple. But one-quarter of each of those lovely little teddies is sugar, like 25.1g sugars per 100g. Best to use only as an occasional treat for kids.


While morning cereal producers continue to reduce the overall sugar material of many of their well-known cereal products, some remain great in added sugars. “Iron man food”, for example, travel alarm clocks in with 26.7g of sugar per 100g, or more than 2 tablespoons per serving.

Uncle Toby’s yogurt-topped muesli bars

The word muesli appears to be healthy and balanced, but in more cases, than not there is a lot of added sugar in well-known muesli bars, especially when they have toppings, confectionery, and sweets. In the case of these yogurt-topped bars, sugar makes up almost 1 / 4 of the bar, with 23g sugars per 100g or 8g of sugars per bar.

Kan Tong Sweet & Sour Sauce

We do not often think of cereal with regards to their sugar material, but this variety of Oriental cooking marinade contains a huge 18% sugars or more than 23g of added sugar per half a cup serving, and obviously, a lot more than Coke contains.

Weight Watcher Chocolate ice cream sundae

The brand may suggest a healthier and balanced alternative but with 26.8g of sugars per 100g or 20.9g sugars per serving, there is nothing low sugar about this sweet treat.

dfdsfsdHillcrest choc fudge muffin bar

When you find muffin bars in the muesli bar area of the grocery store you may believe that these snacks are healthier and balanced options than traditional desserts and pastries, but with 30% added sugars or 12g of sugars per bar, they are really just a cake in disguise.

Trident sweet chilli sauce

We are often told that tomato sauce is great in added sugar but it contains nowhere near the level of sugar that sweet chilli sauce does. With 66g of sugars per 100g or 13.2g (close to 3 tablespoons) per tablespoon, sweet chilli sauce is two-thirds sugar.


Ketchup is one of the most favored condiments globally, but like BBQ sauce, it is often filled with sugar. Try to take care of your portion size when using ketchup and remember that only one tablespoon of ketchup contains 1 tablespoon of sugar.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks can often be wrong as a wholesome choice for those who work out. However, Sports drinks are designed to moisturize and energy qualified sportsmen during extended, extreme times of work out. For this reason, they contain great amounts of added sugars that can be quickly absorbed and used for energy.In reality, a standard 20-oz (570 ml) container of bottle drink will contain 32 grams of added sugar and 159 calorie consumption, which is equal to 8 tablespoons of sugar.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is milk that has been flavorful with chocolate and sweetened with sugar. Milk itself is a very healthy drink. It is a rich source of nourishment that is great for bone health, such as calcium mineral and proteins. However, despite having all the healthy features of milk, an 8-oz (230 ml) glass of sweets milk comes with an extra 2 tablespoon of added sugar, which most of us could do without.


Granola is often promoted as a low-fat healthy meal, despite being great in both calorie consumption and sugar. The main ingredient in granola is oatmeal. Plain mixed oatmeal is a well-balanced cereal product containing sugars, proteins, fat, and fibers. However, the oatmeal in granola has been mixed with nut products and sweet or other added sweetening, which improves the level of sugar and calorie consumption. In reality, 100 grams of granola contains nearly 400 calorie consumption and over 6 tablespoons of sugar.

zfsdfdsfProtein Bars

Protein bars are a well-known snack food. Foods that contain proteins have been linked with increased feelings of fullness, which can help with weight-loss. This has led people to believe that proteins bars are a healthy snack. While there are some healthier and balanced proteins bars on the market, many contain around 30 grams of added sugar, making them similar to a sweets bar. When choosing a proteins bar, read the brand and avoid those that are great in sugar. You can also eat a high-protein food like natural instead.

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