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What women like to see on men, and what clothes men prefer on women? Let’s find out!

If you think that Instagram and other social media channels can tell you what one gender prefers to see on the other, let me reassess your beliefs as soon as possible.

There have been many studies and experiments done related to this topic, and all of them have confirmed that both men and women don’t like this ”fashion” society nowadays forces.

Okay, let’s start with what gentlemen like to see on women (sorry ladies, this time you’re not first).


Dresses and skirts. Yes, it’s true that men like to see women in dresses and skirts. But, those definitely shouldn’t be that short (as the TV wants it to be). Gentlemen don’t like to see everything ”served on the plate”, so leave something for the imagination (or simply said – cover your skin).

adsfwMakeup. Today’s makeup trends have definitely gone too far. No, men don’t like those fake nails and ”banana” eyebrows. Be natural. No, you shouldn’t stop using makeup, but you should definitely try with some more natural shades. Mascara and lipstick are just enough, keep that in mind.


High heels. Many studies have also confirmed that men love to see women wearing high heels, but not the type you think. Why do men love ladies who wear high heels? Not because of the shoes, but because the lady’s silhouette looks a lot better this way – straight back, long legs, and a lifted up gluteus. That’s it. You need just 4cm of heels to achieve this.


Of course, every man is different and so is his taste, but most of them don’t like to see women with too much makeup and extremely short skirts. Bonus tip – don’t wear too many accessories. Choose something that describes your personality.

It seems like how men are simple… Okay, let’s see what ladies like to see on men:


Suits. Ladies love men in suits. The end. But why? Because they look professional that way. It’s in our biology to search for a partner that is stable and can take care of the family. Besides that, men definitely look better in suits – admit it, it’s just a fact.


Casual – jeans and white shirt. Blue jeans, white shirt? It’s not without a reason! Besides admiring men in suits, ladies also want to see a man that’s casual. A relaxed gentleman probably has a great sense of humor, right? That’s exactly what we like!


Sports. Of course, every lady will notice a man that is in shape and plays sports. If you add some beautiful gym clothes to this, the situation becomes even better. Again – biology. Women love men who play sports because they can be healthy and responsible mates.

wrefWhat women don’t like to see in men? Feminine clothes, that’s for sure. And while the media is now promoting such clothes for men, don’t be tricked. Real ladies with real values and great taste just don’t like it.


Overall, we have seen that men should be men and that women should be women. Of course, there are different cultures worldwide and even subcultures that have their own rules, but this article has talked about general gender preferences.


What do you like to see in men?

What clothes do you like to see in women?

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