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Ways To Stay Active in the Winter

Ways To Stay Active in the Winter

This time around, let’s consider ditching our New Year’s resolutions. Who are we kidding? They put more pressure on us in the most anxiety-ridden time of the year. Instead, make a promise to yourself to use ways to stay active in the winter to help you achieve your goals and balance your mood. We often forget how good a little bit of exercise is for our spirits in addition to our health.

Stop With The Excuses

The hardest part about engaging in activities in the winter are the stories we tell ourselves and the excuses we make. It’s too cold, it’s too dark—and so on. You know these are just ways we justify the reasons that we don’t take chances or step out of our comfort zones.

It’s too cold? Bundle up! Once you get moving, you won’t be so cold. It’s too dark? That’s why they make reflective gear and body lights! Be sure that where you’re exercising is safe and out of the way of serious harm. Releasing endorphins and breathing in a little fresh air is bound to boost your mood and get your blood pumping.

Tell Yourself It’s for The Dog

Sometimes it’s easier to get motivated when it’s for someone we love. Winter is long, but your dog still needs exercise. Consider tricking yourself into activity by acknowledging that it’s necessary to exercise your dog in winter. You want your pup to live his best, longest, and healthiest life. Ensuring that proper activity levels are maintained will keep you both be in better shape mentally and physically throughout this time.

Enroll Others

Just as it may be easier to get yourself outside and active in the winter by using your dog’s health as an excuse, you should enroll others in what you’re doing as well. If you’re not an avid exerciser, you may find it helpful to have a partner to help motivate you on those “winter blues” days. Make a pact with a friend to promote health and an active lifestyle in the winter; it’s easier when you’re not alone. Conversation also allows you to focus less on the exertion and energy and more on the company you’re keeping while you exercise.

There are many ways to stay active in the winter that can help more than just you as an individual. Sharing the time outdoors with others can be incredibly beneficial. Of course, we want to believe that we can motivate ourselves, but some instances are harder than others. Sometimes things are just easier with a partner!

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