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How will the USA return to normal life and when?

Before even starting with this article, let’s just make one thing clear – so far, no one truly has an answer to the question below. And while the whole world is waiting for someone to come up with a date when our ‘old lives’ will continue, that won’t happen that easy.

But when and how will life at least try to continue? Well, the first tries may happen really soon.

As you have probably realized it by yourself, the country is thinking about the economy now (more than about human lives, which actually hasn’t surprised us much, right?), which means how a lot of things will be starting to work again.

asdfwcefSo, will you be sitting in a restaurant with your beloved friends next month and enjoying pizza while laughing and hugging together? Well, not really… Even when things start to work, like restaurants, beauty salons, and other smaller businesses, we will still have to practice social distancing. I don’t even like that word – social distancing, because people think of it as of separation from other people, in all manners. A better word would be – physical distancing.

The world won’t go back to normal until the vaccine. And some of the best experts worldwide claim how the world won’t be the same until Spring 2021. Already disappointed? I know how you feel.

All leaders of the world, not just ones in the USA, have first talked about how they only care about human lives and nothing else. And then, when ‘their wallets’ went empty, now they only care about the economy.

And that’s exactly ‘why things are turning back to normal’. They are not turning back to normal, they just don’t want to lose more money! So, how will things turn to normal? For them, they are already happening. You and I will go to work. We will be advised to still practice social distancing (although that won’t be possible in so many ways and manners). And then, if we get sick, we will just become another number in their black statistics.

They say we will live a normal life, by taking a walk, and going back to work, but wearing a mask all the time. They say everything will come back to at least normal, but it won’t.

Why? Because the virus is still here. You won’t feel calm at any moment you enter the bus, right? And we have a long journey in front of us, trust me. Maybe there will be more epidemics and pandemics than just this first one.

But maybe, just maybe, coronavirus will disappear as SARS did back in 2003. But it didn’t disappear, people got ‘rid of it’ by isolating themselves completely.

Now, that’s not possible. And you have realized why – because of money, because of the economy, because very rich people are losing their money.

What about us who are poor? We aren’t losing money because we don’t have anything to lose – we are now just puppets playing in their billionaire shows. We are in the playground… They are watching the experiment, or better said war.

adqdqwdfwSo, when will our lives look normal? I don’t like to lie. I am not super optimistic, rather realistic. Better prepare yourself mentally for this to stay for quite a while, and only then, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Our lives won’t be the same, until the Spring of 2021. And even then, our minds will be different. Hopefully – for better! I hope at least someone will realize what are the important ”things” in life, and those are definitely not things…

Are you sick and tired of this billionaire’s shows?

Are you ready to wait for quite a while for the world to find the cure for this disease?

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