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Could just one alcoholic drink a day kill you?

Although many studies have claimed for decades that drinking alcohol in small amounts is healthy, it turned out that things aren’t that bright…

If you still don’t think there is any danger in enjoying just one alcoholic drink a day, this article will make you reassess beliefs about that…

Drinking your favorite glass of wine and knowing it’s full of antioxidants? Well, it may be, but what’s with the alcohol it contains? And although we’ve been told that a daily glass of wine has health benefits, new research from Washington University School of Medicine has found it may not be so healthy after all.

There have been over 400 000 people studied in this new research.

Researchers analyzed data from more than 400 000 people, ages 18 to 85.

They found that drinking one to two drinks, four or more times per week (an amount deemed healthy by current guidelines) increases the risk of premature death by 20 percent. The scariest thing is that the increased risk of death was consistent across age groups.

But, why does that happen? Let’s talk about how alcohol behaves and what it does to your body.

First of all, alcohol will ruin your immune system. When your liver has a lot of work to do (and it definitely has when you drink), it cannot fight other harmful things that come from the environment. That’s the first thing you should think about.

So, a ruined immune system will leave your body vulnerable to different infections. Besides that, if you are suffering from some autoimmune disease, alcohol will just make it worse.

When it comes to the ladies, they may experience different hormonal disbalances if they continue enjoying a few drinks per week.

Different commercials may tell you that beer is healthy, and yes, it may be loaded with different minerals and vitamins, but it definitely weakens your bones and ligaments. For those who are struggling with rheumatoid arthritis, that may be a deadly option.

Of course, alcohol is not healthy for your heart as well. It is known to make every cardiovascular condition worse.

And what’s with our mental health? Although many people drink alcohol because they believe it will calm them down and ”help them solve their problems”, it turns out that drinking alcohol even in small doses may trigger depression.

Besides that, it is also very bad for your memory.

What happens to our kidneys when we drink alcohol? Our body becomes dehydrated. Kidneys have a lot of work, and they cannot function properly when you are not hydrated properly. So, they will suffer too.

And our skin? Our biggest organ definitely doesn’t like alcohol. It will become weak and thin. When your skin is weak and thin, it won’t be able to protect you from harmful substances coming from the environment.

Overall, if you continue drinking alcohol on a daily basis, your body will become very weak. Therefore, even the smallest threat may be problematic.

And then let’s just say a few more words about alcohol and digestion. It is not good for your stomach too. Cancers of this type usually happen because people drink a lot of alcohol.

sfdrreAnd no, it won’t help you sleep well too!


How often do you drink alcohol?

Do you feel that it impacts your body in different manners?

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