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How breathing exercise will make your respiratory system stronger?

Did you know that simple breathing exercises can help you heal so many health issues related to the respiratory system? For example, when it comes to asthma, I can surely tell you the background of that condition.

People with allergies and asthma are very emotional (I am also in this group of patients, so don’t worry, you’re not the only one). And what do people who are very emotional do? They suffer. They suffer because of literally everything bad that happens around them. And what they do with those emotions? They keep them inside themselves. And after that, their body physically suffers.

Breathing is one of the issues they face as well. When babies are born, they breathe through ‘their stomach’. We, adults, breathe through our lungs. Although this sounds ridiculous, just take a look at a baby when you get a chance.

sfgegferThat’s called deep breathing. People start breathing ‘from their lungs’ as they grow up, and all that because of stress. Are you breathing shortly as well? You probably are.

Remember the last time you have taken a long breath. Can’t remember? I know, I know…

But there are some simple exercises which can help you improve your breathing. In that case, you’ll make your respiratory system stronger, which means a better defense against viruses. And I know you are worried about COVID-19, and you should be.

But being worrying without doing anything to help yourself is completely ridiculous. So please, calm down and take a look at these exercises which can help you make your overall respiratory system stronger.

Exercise 1. Meditation is amazing! Be sure to meditate for at least 10 minutes. While you meditate, your breathing becomes optimal. Why? Because you let go of the negative things, or better said – all things and thoughts. You just are. As you are… And that’s the best feeling ever! So start with at least 5-minute meditation per day. You can, of course, increase that amount of time with days and weeks. Don’t force anything, act as you feel.

Exercise 2. Be sure to concentrate on breathing ‘from the stomach’. You will finally realize the difference from your ‘regular breathing’. Practice that for as long as it doesn’t become your normal breathing. At first, start with a daily exercise on which you will focus on such breathing.

Exercise 3. This one is amazing for those with all respiratory issues. Take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for five seconds, and then slowly breathe out through your mouth – but keep them almost closed. The best would be to practice that 5 times in one hour through the whole day. It doesn’t take much time, trust me…

zxcswrfExercise 4. Practice any physical activity at your home (yoga or pilates would be my choice), but be very focused on breathing while exercising. People mostly forget about breathing when they exercise, which definitely affects their overall body. Once you realize how to breathe properly while working out, you will gain more energy and be able to endure longer exercising schedules than usual. Needless to say that both proper breathing and exercising will make your immune system stronger.

Do you also breathe ‘from your lungs’?

Are you constantly feeling stressed?

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