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Why are cloud computing jobs in demand?

Although technology and in this case – cloud computing itself has been rising and evolving for two decades, it seems like 2020 was the most important year for cloud computing jobs.

Why that happened, it’s not hard to conclude. Remote work. Connected world. Pandemic influences. People getting fired and changing their careers. Young people are building their new careers on their own.

As you can see, there were many things that have affected cloud computing. More than a billion jobs were created in India in 2020 just because of cloud computing. Their market has reached an incredible amount of $4 billion!

Besides that, many large companies located worldwide have realized what cloud computing can do for their business. Global operations have become easier too. Accessing all needed data at literally any moment, and doing all that remotely is definitely what made cloud computing jobs explode!

Here, we will also mention some of the most popular jobs related to cloud computing in 2021.

adewfdCloud engineer. When we take a look at the statistics in the USA and jobs related to cloud computing, we can easily come to the conclusion that this one is the most popular. Did you know that someone who works as a cloud engineer can make an incredible amount of $118,000 in just one year?


Software architect. $135,000 in one year for a software architect. It’s no surprise that young people are educating themselves to get this job position. What they do is developing a company’s computing strategy. Cloud adoption plans, designs, monitoring, and management are also the tasks that software architects do.


Cloud consultant. The average yearly salary for a cloud consultant would be $112,000. Creating a programming code, and later on modifying it in a way that would serve some large company or a business definitely isn’t an easy task, yet it pays off.


Development operations engineer. The average salary is almost the same as for a cloud consultant. Companies and corporations all around the globe are constantly seeking talented development operations engineers. Observing functioning systems is one of their main tasks, but they also have to take care of configuring operational priorities. Getting some important project done in a good manner can’t be completed without development operations engineers.

Senior software engineer. Taking the lead in all actions related to software development is what makes a yearly salary of $130,000. Of course, the responsibility is high, and needed knowledge is not easy to implement, yet people who do this job claim that they are truly happy to live in 2021 because senior software engineers are needed everywhere.


Software developer. As you can see, cloud computing needs a team of different experts. They all work together and are connected globally. The best thing about a software developer job is that they have a chance to grow their salary as high as they want or need if they show amazing skills. The average yearly salary for a software developer is approximately $100,000, but keep in mind that it’s a starting point.


Overall, the nowadays needs of companies and corporations worldwide have made cloud computing so important. It’s good to hear that many smart and talented young people will have a chance to create amazing careers in their life.

dfwsfdHow much do you know about cloud computing?

Are you interested in becoming a developer or engineer in this field?

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