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Welcome to the 21st century and the technological prison we are ALL now trapped in!

The world is broken. Everyone can now realize that. We are giving our one and only life to the world to use it and abuse it. Unfortunately, many aren’t even noticing anything wrong.

But the human soul is an amazing thing if you don’t let them break it. You must know that we are all special and need to realize that our life is worth more than what they can ever offer to us, through their bread and games.

Together, we are the power and we can change it all by just unifying as one. Help each other by standing together and remove this broken system and the real evil from this world and watch how amazing society can be. See real champions who are now deep behind the curtains and in shadows. Let’s glorify those who will bring true peace and improvement to this world. And that’s us!

The Minority Report and the Matrix movies are about to become reality. Many have joked with that for quite a while, but now it is obvious. We pay for the tech and gadgets to control us, that’s what we do. Some will say we are just having fun, but are we?

asddewBeing on the internet today is like being on a public street. We are standing naked in front of them, offering them to see our entire life on a plate. Our biggest secrets are also not hidden. They can find out everything about you in a few clicks – it is just a matter of time when they need you for some of the evil purposes.

Google was initially funded by the government and I believe that is enough to be said. They have been paying Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others alike for collecting data, which they can later on use.

Unfortunately, while American tech companies are actually selling out their customer’s privacy and censoring people they are crying about Chinese owned tech companies who haven’t been proved to be doing half the things the Americans are. If security is your real concern the Americans are the last people on Earth you can trust.

They break their own laws against their own citizens daily what makes any other country think they’ll care about your citizens? Certainly not history, there isn’t one country where the citizen’s lives are better off after American intervention, not one. You can try to think about it for a while, and you will always come to that same conclusion.

Google is selling the American people for money. This is a modern large scale of slavery. You know how it is said – when people believe they have freedom more than ever, that is when the government will be finally capable to do whatever they want. Keeping us in slavery, and people don’t even realize it, that’s their thing.

The difference between America and China is that China tells us straight ahead – ”I am monitoring you”. In America, they tell you your privacy is protected but they spy on you. That’s exactly what I’ve explained to you above about freedom and people.

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon do this also for the right fee. Microsoft even collects the data when you select copy/paste on your computer if the option is on. I assume that goes through analytics as well.

Let’s talk about one ”silly” thing that just doesn’t leave my mind. THE AMERICAN DREAM: you pay to fund research that hurts you, then you pay to use the products the research created. LAND OF THE FEE, HOME OF THE SLAVE. Isn’t this what the United States is saying China is doing? They are giving everyone’s info to the Police States. Isn’t that what Trump was accusing Huawei of doing? Is this is why Huawei is banned in western society because they won’t share info with the US, unlike Google? And they blame China for spying on people. You know how it’s said:” What Susie says of Sally, says more of Susie than of Sally.”

That is one of the things that the Chinese government told Google not to do. Then, Google left China. China didn’t block it.

China didn’t need Google, they had their own Baido.

What else can they see about? Tracking your current real-time location, for example. Did you know that Europe already forbids US companies operating in Europe to share data with the US? The reality here is that we are moving into a surveillance world where we are constantly monitored… Even 1984 doesn’t sound that bad anymore, compared to what we are living today.

sfwrefwfSocial media giants are now extensions of the government. They are probably really happy because people have accepted it all with joy. Who knows what else they will think of… Time to get a permanent VPN.

Here is a piece of advice for anyone using the internet – there is no such thing as ANONYMITY OR PRIVACY. Everything you do on the internet can and will be used against you if they want to do it. So be smart and don’t do dumb things which will come back to bite you. The same thing applies to phone calls, text, and anything that involves communication through technology. There are a lot of creeps out there and they thrive on invading people’s personal lives and personal space. And yet they tell us to worry about Tik Tok dance videos…

”Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”, Benjamin Franklin. They have warned us about it, you must admit…

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