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Coronavirus application – Is your country getting it?

Just a year ago we couldn’t imagine living a life this way. You must admit, it is becoming more and more frustrating by every single day. First, they have loaded us with fear, death, illness, poverty, or you name it. They have been using all the things they could to take control of people.

The pandemic is here to mask the economy’s catastrophe, and it is here for many other reasons as well (but hidden ones).

Now they started talking about the vaccine. Who knows for how long this will last? Bill Gates recently said the pandemic will be over in the winter of 2021. How does he know? He knows because that’s exactly when he will be finished with his evil plans.

stfewrfOkay, let’s talk about one new thing that recently showed up in many countries. The coronavirus application! Before starting with the story, I just have to say – I cannot believe in how evil and dumb society I actually live.

Let’s move to the story now… So, we are getting a new mobile application that will track the infection (in theory). But in real life, the app will control where you move and with whom you hang out with.

They say it will just tell you that you have been in contact with the infected person, but it won’t reveal their identity. Identity? Are they kidding with us? They won’t reveal something? It’s so funny it became very dumb.

So, let’s say that I have installed that application on my phone. How does it work? Well, that depends on country to country. In-country like, Serbia, the app will work through Bluetooth. In some other countries, it will probably work through GPS and so on.

As you can see those are all tracking systems.

If you install this application, you will just help them make their evil plan into reality. You will help the government and all the hidden people behind it to manipulate our data and personal information.

This is the last call for freedom. If you don’t realize that our private lives are completely disappearing in the hands of the evil people, then there’s no help for you.

We became like dogs on the chains, and they occasionally let us ”go for a walk”, but with a tracking system, of course. And just listen to how politicians speak to the people about the coronavirus. When something bad happens, they immediately say how people behave in inappropriate ways, and how we are the ones guilty for this pandemic.

It is so frustrating to think about it in the first place. And people, what do they do? They install literally every new app that arrives on the market. They think about it all as fun.

sdfsdafsdDo you think that you have to fight hard to achieve something in this society? No, you don’t. If you want a change, you can just ignore their needs and commands.

Turn off the TV, ignore their words, ignore their apps, actions, humiliations, or whatever they try to serve to you on their golden plate.

And keep in mind, there’s one thing no one can take from you – your faith, bravery, and your rational thinking (if you don’t let them do it).


Do you think that all this about the pandemic is becoming bizarre and hilarious?

Do you know someone who has installed this app on their phone?

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