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What are hard truths?

While people generally like to think that we are in touch with reality, the truth is that many of us shield ourselves from certain uncomfortable facts to become happier and more productive.

We all forget their fleeting nature, even the most enlightened beings. We let ourselves be carried away by the clouds 9 and of course, fall on our backs at the right moment while the euphoria passes and We are forced to face the reality of life, recognize our mistakes and realign ourselves.

As unsettling as it may seem, confronting life’s difficult truths can be a cathartic process. These are simple truths that are not glossed over to make you feel better, but they have the power to bring us back in touch with our reality (which often hides behind our illusory lives), help us see our true selves, and empower us to face any difficulties that may come our way.

Here are some hard truths of life. We sincerely hope they will remind us of the value of life and remind us to live it fully and happily.

You Cannot Control Everything

Yes, you cannot always control circumstances, but there is still much that you can always control. When life throws you into trouble, you can choose to give up or lament your helplessness; or you can manipulate your life by taking control of things that can still be controlled. This acceptance would relieve you of a lot of unnecessary pressure and let life move on. Take control of your reaction, protect your happiness and peace of mind, remember the ability to focus on the positive, and believe in your abilities more than the fear of failure. We understand if things in your life have gotten out of control lately. But know that you don’t have to live like this.

Loss is inevitable

We are mortal after all. Ignoring this harsh truth about life sets you up for failure. In the event of loss, instead of giving in to despair, focus on the brighter side of this truth. You live, you have been given a life worth loving and living to the fullest; You have people who love you and who love you too. And while we would all experience loss at some point, we can accept this truth and live each moment without judgment, heartache, or anger. Accepting this difficult truth will not save us from sadness, but it will help us find our way back.

There’s still a lot you don’t know, and that’s okay

You grow every day, you learn every day. Human life is a journey of continuous learning. So it’s very important to lower it and accept that you don’t know everything.

If you take all the knowledge in the world like a cake, there is just a little bit of knowledge that you know. For example, you can drive a car or brush your teeth. A slightly larger piece of the pie contains all the information you know you don’t have. For example, you know you don’t know how to launch a rocket into space or perform brain surgery (unless you’re a surgeon). And the biggest piece of the pie will always be the information you don’t know you don’t know.

There is no right time

You can prepare and prepare, but there will never be a right time. You will never feel 100% ready for change. Real change will always push you out of your comfort zone before you are ready.

If we wait for the right time, we will do just that: we will wait a long time instead of rushing and taking on the work we must do to reach our goals. So try to accept the changes that are coming your way, rather than resist them. Opportunities don’t knock, they present themselves. You can either run away from them or catch them and learn along the way.

The past is not the future

Sometimes your past events, and your past actions, can have changed the course of your life. But there’s no way of knowing “what could have been.” Everything happens for a reason.

We believe that this is one of life’s most difficult truths. Our past does not define the future. Just because our past has been troubled or because we’ve made mistakes in the past doesn’t mean our future has to reflect that.

You can always change your future if you accept that your past does not define you. Yes, analyze your past, but do not dwell on it, continue with the lessons.

Not everyone will like you

You are not pizza!

Seriously, thinking that you can please everyone is an illusion. And even if you try to meet everyone’s needs, there will always be people who aren’t happy with you. And it doesn’t matter. Your main goal is to find and fulfill your destiny, desires, and happiness. It’s important not to let others decide what your life is going to be like. People come and go, knowing when to leave situations that are proving toxic or painful, not getting lost in them, and doing what’s close to your heart.

Nothing is achieved without hard work

There is only one way to achieve all goals. It’s not about putting others down or finding shortcuts. Only through constant, clean, and hard work can you achieve your goals. Just because you’re “busy” doesn’t mean you’ve accomplished something. Hard work combined with the right mindset and attitude will get you where you envision it. Accept this truth; Put what you want in your life. And when you combine your skills and talent with hard work, make sure you share your success with everyone around you by doing things that enrich their lives, too. Success is sweeter when shared.

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