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If the baby is disabled: It’s okay to kill a baby in an abortion – SAID Elizabeth Warren!

”The greatest destroyer of peace in the world today is abortion because it is a direct war, a direct killing,” Mother Teresa said.

A disability, disease, or deformity doesn’t justify killing – In a speech earlier this year on the floor of the U.S. Senate, she said that denying abortion would be ”cruel”…

I have gone through a hard pregnancy and ended up with an ill child that has lived for 6 months. Oh God, I would give everything to see him live just one more day! Unfortunately, I can share numerous feelings on this topic with you. The way that people looked at me… And those endless questions like:” Is he sick? Did you know that he was sick in the womb as well?”

Cropped Image Of Doctor Prescribing Medicines To Patient Credit: Getty
Cropped Image Of Doctor Prescribing Medicines To Patient
Credit: Getty

No, we didn’t know, but it won’t make my decision any different – to give life, to love life, to support one fragile and innocent human being!

Society is cruel. When someone is not ‘perfect’, they will abandon you. I remember sending the pictures of my beloved son to some members of my family, and I saw how they only liked the photos where he looked ”like a normal baby”. I was deeply hurt and disgusted by that, and I still remember it today.

Did my child love to live? Although his battle was tough, he has struggled to survive like the bravest soldier. He had his own path as God wanted, and he has definitely made our lives different. For better or for worse? That’s not something that can be put in such a category. People make such categories. They just say something is good because that makes their life easier. But only for them, and no one else.

Selfish people take their children as medals, and not as living beings.

All human beings are equal by virtue of their shared humanity. That’s why killing disabled, sick, or “deformed” people, whether in the womb or out, is unfair.

I have seen people aborting children just because they didn’t have ten fingers. And when you just think about it – you can lose your fingers whenever, while driving a bike for example. Is that why you shouldn’t live?

If unborn human beings have the right to life, like toddlers, 11-year-olds, and teenagers, then killing them because of a disability or disease is equally unjustified. Sure, some people think that unborn humans – whether or not they are sick or disabled – do not have the same value and right to life as older human beings. But this is only a different form of wrongful discrimination.

This new society is putting some sick and unbearable boundaries even for creating life. They really are playing God, and we all are the witness of so many ‘natural accidents’ that attack us every now and then.

asdYou cannot have a good life if you don’t appreciate life in any form.

Mother Teresa on Abortion: “If a Mother Can Kill Her Child How Can We Tell People Not to Kill One Another?”

Do you think that people have lost the real value of life?

Is it because they don’t have enough empathy even for the most fragile human beings?

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