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Top 7 Things to Wear this Winter

Winter can already be felt in the air, but this year we have decided to update our wardrobes before the temperatures completely drop! If you want to feel warm and look stylish at the same time, continue reading this article because we are bringing you the top 7 things you should wear this winter!

Fabulous winter looks are guaranteed with these items:

1. Leather. Finally, we will have winter outfits that allow wearing as much leather as you want! We highly recommend getting a few pairs of leather pants in different colors. Black is a must and is classic, but you can also go with dark red pants and brown ones. Leather midi skirts are also classy, and it’s best to combine them with different cozy sweaters with the purpose to stay warm while looking fabulous! You can also choose leather shirts because those will literally represent the 2021/2022 winter season!

2. A color-black coat. Coats are perfect clothing items for winter because we always look sophisticated while wearing them, but this year we will try something completely new – colored-black coats! So, what do they look like? These coats have one black side, while the other is painted in some interesting color. If you don’t like bright colors, you can always choose a black-khaki combination.

3. Printed puffer jacket. Basic black puffers can retire because this season we are wearing printed puffer jackets! Choose those that will improve your mood even on the coldest winter days. Our choice would definitely be a flower pattern puffer jacket!

4. Long-sleeve dresses. Dresses are not only reserved for summers and springs anymore. Find a warm long-sleeve dress you’ll be able to wear with over-knee leather boots. Romantic looks guaranteed! The best thing about this outfit is that you can wear it for so many different occasions – from office wear, through daily casual wear, to even more formal events and night outs.

5. High-Rise Wide-Leg Pants. We want to feel comfortable this winter, so we will replace our tight jeans with high-rise wide-leg pants! You can combine them with oversized sweaters because this season we are breaking ordinary fashion rules!

6. Black suit. A classic black suit will give ladies professional looks. If you want to look sophisticated, sexy, yet professional, this would be your best choice. A black suit under a color-black coat provides an interesting and outstanding combination.

7. Cropped trousers. Yes, they will make you look visually taller and slimmer, but they are also very fashionable. No, you won’t be cold with these because we will combine them with high ankle leather shoes. You can match these pants with a leather shirt for the best effect.

We love to see fashion that changes for the better! The good thing about these upcoming winter trends for 2021/2022 is that they are breaking earlier fashion rules. We can finally combine different clothing items that were “forbidden” before. Nurturing our own individuality and creating a style we like is what we’ll do this winter!

Besides that, all these items are perfectly wearable for literally any occasion we need.

How do you usually dress during the winter months?

Do you like these newest winter trends?

Which one will you wear first?

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