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How to look 5cm taller with proper clothes choice?

Are you petite or shorter than others? Don’t worry, that’s not an issue. Instead, numerous celebrity ladies and beautiful women are short and petite, which makes them look more harmonious.

Here, I want to talk about some fashion and styling tips that can help you visually add a few inches of height. Okay, let’s not waste any more time, but rather start learning together about our new and improved stylish tips!


One color. The most important tip for small ladies is that they don’t visually ”break” their bodies in half. So, let’s say that you want to wear a khaki shirt. What colors should be your pants? Khaki as well! The good news is that you don’t have to stick to pastel colors only while implementing this trick, but you can also do it with bright colors for a chic effect – yellow, red, or even pink sounds great!


Show your ankles. Choose pants that are a bit shorter than the usual ones. Show your ankles because that will visually add a few cm to your legs. If you are also struggling with some extra pounds, the good news is that this makes you look slimmer too.


Wear long necklaces and earrings. Be sure that your necklace is long enough so it can help you visually create a taller torso. The same goes for earrings – you can transform the shortness of your neck this way too. And once you create an illusion of a longer neck, your entire body will look that way.

erttrStay away from huge bags. The best would be to take a mini clutch bag instead. Be the person that brings only the essentials with yourself. If you choose a big bag instead, it will literally ”swallow” you.


High heels? Yes, but don’t exaggerate with the heel’s height. 3-5cm high heels are just perfect to make your torso look taller, slimmer, and overall – better. But if you choose to wear high heels that are 15cm tall, I don’t have good news – you will only look inconsistent and even funny.


Mini skirts and shorts. Show your legs! Choose a bit shorter skirts, dresses, and shorts. Yes, you have an excuse to do that now.


V-neck. When it comes to t-shirts, the best would be to opt for those that have V-neck shapes. This way, you will show a bit more of your skin and neck – and I have already explained why the neck is so important when it comes to height.


Don’t wear too many clothes. Dress simpler than others. If you wear a lot of different layers of clothes, that will only make you look more petite. Minimalism is your best friend.

Baggy clothes – no-no. You can connect this tip with the previous one. Yet, here I wanted to tell you how baggy clothes will also make you look shorter and thinner. You are completely free to dress in tight clothes because those will highlight the best parts of your body. And besides that, all petite ladies have amazing waistlines, right? Show your virtues!


Ankle boots. These boots are the perfect choice for every lady that wants to make her legs look longer.

egergOverall, it’s not that hard, do you agree? Besides that, these tips are also useful for everyone who wants to improve their style and make it look chicer.


Did you know about these tricks?

Which one will you try first?

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