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False beauty in advertising and the pressure to look good

Do you feel a little bit weird after watching the TV commercials? Yes, you know what I mean – if there’s a shampoo, a woman that sponsors it looks perfect. Her hair is incredibly good with that ordinary product, and of course – she has tons of makeup on her face, despite that she is telling us how she washed her hair right before going to bed.

Then again, when you see women in commercials sleeping, they also have make-up on their faces. What’s the problem with this society? Who creates such unreal false beauty? Is our only purpose to look good and attract men?

As a woman, that definitely triggers me, and I am sure that you feel the same way. Besides that, men who don’t want fake dolls around them are also offended. Someone who wants a true lady with her own natural body parts is attacked by the commercials which tell that women are here only to be pretty for our eyes and to stay silent about everything that bothers them.

Permanent makeup is also on the rise. Can you believe that almost 30% of women today have something implemented into their bodies? The commercials and advertising tell them that they are not good enough. They need to put a little bit of plastic here and there to become acceptable. This is especially dangerous for young girls who don’t even have their own attitudes and personality.

They are lost. They watch advertising campaigns and see what’s acceptable. So, even if you are a naturally beautiful woman, they say that such beauty is boring. You need to add something to your breasts. You need to add some fillers to your cheeks, with a purpose to stay forever young. You have to wear lenses, to change your natural eye color because it looks boring. You have to wear this and that to be in trend. Advertising companies tell you that you have to value yourself if you don’t follow their rules.

What’s wrong with people these days? Who wants to be around someone who has plastic parts in their body? It’s okay if someone has suffered some injury, or has gone through some illness –  yes, plastic surgery can help a woman who has lost her breast because of cancer, but if healthy women with okay breasts take such a procedure, that’s a loss for our society.

Why haven’t they created some implants for our brains? To become more intelligent, kind, and follow what’s good.

Don’t get me wrong – I love nurturing my body, but I refuse their unreal ideas of beauty. Those are not only unreal to reach, but are also very harmful both for the physical and mental health status of an individual.

I am pretty sure that you have experienced that pressure to look good – 24/7. How does it make you feel? You can either have low self-confidence, or you can completely leave that world of fake beauty.

You will probably have low confidence if you are very young. But be brave – stay on the right path. Do what works for your health and your natural beauty.

Never fall into their trap because trends change really quickly, and 5 years from now you will find yourself trying to find a good clinic that would be able to erase your tattooed eyebrows (just an example, but you got the point).

Are you too sick and tired of false advertising beauty?

How would you teach your teenage daughter to ignore it and follow her own path?

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