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They named the anticyclone ‘Lucifer’

Have you realized that everything that has happened lately looks like the end of the world? This pLandemic, the virus, people dying because of numerous other different reasons, the 3rd World War that is just around the corner, and this huuuge fear that can be felt all around us.

Actually, I’m not surprised – It’s almost uncanny and unsettling that we’re literally living in the book of revelations. Everything is happening as it was told to happen.

Yet, and unfortunately, people are still refusing to accept the existence of God and what is written that will happen. People will have to make their own choices in these hard times. Why are people so afraid of that? What are they actually afraid of?

It seems like the entire world is unraveling faster and faster, and the direction is not good. The days are shorter. I feel like I’m living in a different reality – you’ve probably realized that too, but haven’t told anyone because you were afraid that they will think that you’ve gone mad. Besides that, people would tell you that it’s all just anxiety because of the pandemic. But it isn’t.

This is only the beginning of sorrows. Unfortunately, I am not happy to say that – but it’s true. It will be worse than it’s ever been or will be again – but don’t be afraid.

Still, many will stand proud and shake their fist at God, rather than repent. It’s called Judgement! A deserved judgment at that. We call evil good and good evil! Everything in this world has changed for the worse. Fake idols, fake news, fake presidents, fake people, fake gods.

We are constantly looking for signs of His coming. It has begun I would venture to say. Never before in the history of our planet has the signs in the Earth and the stars lined up with the foretold verses in the bible.

Have you realized that hell is already here? Numerous earthquakes and fires are happening all around the globe on a daily basis. Everything has woken up. It’s been too much for this planet. God is here.

Let us take stock and know lightning is a strike everywhere in the world but we can’t see that from our bare eyes… Rarely sometimes, when God needs to warn us then He let us see kinda incidents. This is definitely something strange.

I am now thinking something like: ”Lightning isn’t surprised but coincidentally how someone took a record that.”

Matthew 24:27 ”For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west so will be the coming of the Son of Man.”

ITA – ITÁLIA/CALOR – INTERNACIONAL – Pessoas se refrescam na região do Coliseu, na cidade de Roma, na Itália, nesta quinta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2021. A forte onda de calor que atinge a Itália fez o país registrar temperaturas recordes para a Europa. A explicação para as medições está naquilo que os meteorologistas classificam como um anticiclone, fenômeno formado por uma zona de alta pressão atmosférica que eleva as temperaturas. O anticiclone que afeta o país foi apelidado de “Lúcifer”. 12/08/2021 – Foto: CECILIA FABIANO/ASSOCIATED PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO

Take a look at people’s faces. What do they look like to you? Frightened? Lost? Out of control?

Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening. But have faith. Always have faith.

Keep your strength together. Do good. Always do good – you will never regret that, trust me.

Be ready for what is next, just by living this life as a normal human being.

Support other people who can’t go through all of this easily.

Be a true influencer.

How do you feel today?

Have you realized that everything has changed, even this so-called reality?

It even smells different, doesn’t it?

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