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We want to see the end of unnecessary human suffering

Times we live in are truly frightening. One second, you may think that things may turn out just fine with society, and the other second – you’ll hear that WW3 has started. We are a lost and misguided species, that’s for sure…

“Don’t be content in your life to do no wrong, be prepared every day to try and do some good.” ~ Sir Nicholas Winton

Let’s pray for peace and hope this doesn’t escalate to a bigger conflict. How things look right now, I am not so sure everything will turn out just fine. Anyways, many innocent people have already lost their lives. This will, even if it ends well, bring tremendous changes in the economy. Like it’s not already enough everything that happened with Covid-19. People will be hungry, cold, and ill.

I love how defending freedom only has a cost on hard-working PEOPLE, while politicians and the wealthy will get rich. Over the past several months we have said that Russia was positioning troops and equipment to invade Ukraine. Russia said that it was nothing to worry about. Russia claims that they had to bring the invasion because they are just defending Ukraine’s army. Ukraine seems to be friends with NATO and America now, which Russia, of course – doesn’t accept.

What scares everyone the most is that Putin told how no one will be able to stop Russia. He claimed that people who will try to stop Russian troops will experience a war that has never been seen. He probably thought about the thermonuclear war. Do you know what that means? That means a catastrophe that will have consequences for the next 20,000 years if anyone on this planet survives in the first place.

Belarus’s president claimed that he will support Russia and its army. What makes me think about the entire situation is how it’s possible for two Orthodox Christian countries to fight against the other? Yes, we know – it’s about money, power, territory, and above all – about conflicts between the east and the west. Russia doesn’t like Ukraine’s decision to be on “the west side”.

Sometimes you wonder how people were raised and what morals if any were instilled in them. I still hope that new generations are smart enough to refuse taking a part in this war and killing one another. I hope in new times where people don’t want to give their lives for some imaginary country’s ideas. I believe that individualists will come together and stop this madness.

Of course, there will always be those who want to see blood all around. Where they taught right from wrong, where they loved as a child, hugged enough, or where they neglected? Did they learn to share with others or where they are a bully? Did they value others? There should never be war because there doesn’t have to be a war. There is always another way to resolve conflict. If presidents can look into the eyes of their own children and loved ones and declare war, what kind of person are we dealing with and how do we remove them from power.

Power can make people go mad. I also wondered if president Putin got some illness, so he just wants to see the entire world burn to the ground.  

The current administration is crushing this country. It’s hard to believe we are where we are now when we compare it to where we were a little over a year ago. 70 on a fixed income was doable, before this administration. Has everyone forgotten that China is now allied with Russia? We backed out of Korea in 1953 when the Chinese entered that war, and left it a stalemate that exists even today. We believe Russia’s military strength is rated as equivalent to the combined forces of the UK, Australia, and Canada… Note that the US, France, Italy, and Germany are not included in that calculation. 

In 1453 the Turkish conquered Constantinople and they could because no one from Europe was willing to help, although Constantinople asked for help. The consequences were that the Turkish made trouble and war in Europe all the time for many centuries, twice they almost conquered Vienna. Sanctions won’t stop Putin and Nato says it’s the strongest military power ever. Will the consequences be similar to my example? History repeats!

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He says Russia attacked ‘without any provocation and without any credible excuse.’ Everyone is cheering on sanctions until they realize he just raised the gas prices for us even more.

The problem with the sanctions is that Putin doesn’t care. It doesn’t hurt him and it doesn’t hurt the super-rich oligarchs. The only ones who suffer are ordinary people. Years of sanctions against Russia have hurt the general population; poverty increased, small businesses went bankrupt and prices sky-rocketed. At the same time, Putin and his rich friends became even richer.

So far these sanctions did nothing for Poland in 39. They did nothing for Kuwait either. And today, I’m guessing Taiwan doesn’t believe much that is said in their defense as well. Ukraine likely will fall in a shorter span than it took in Poland in 39. The only question that matters is will anyone actually try and kick out Russia?

However this goes, let’s hope it won’t end up as a nuclear war…

Are you scared because of this situation?

Do you think that Russia will continue this war and make it a WW3?

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