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The Disturbing Effect Our Beauty Standards Have on Women

One thing is certain – nowadays beauty standards have definitely gone too far from anything normal and realistic. Now, it’s not enough to have beautiful skin, hair, and a healthy-looking body, but there are some new and unrealistic expectations that have disturbing effects on women worldwide.

Certainly, when you tell a young lady that her 95cm hips are not good and perfect, and if she’s insecure, that may be the trigger point of going deeper into the trap of chasing unrealistic society’s beauty standards.

Here’s how this all affects women worldwide:


Anorexia and other similar eating disorders. Anorexia Nervosa is definitely caused by society’s beauty standards. Yes, it is also connected with certain personality types and genetics, yet – nothing would happen if there wasn’t some external factor, like society’s beauty standards. There are 8 million people with eating disorders in America only. Imagine that… It’s truly sad that we let numerous young girls die all around the globe just because they believe that the world won’t love them if their hips are 5 cm wider than ”they should be”.

Besides anorexia, we also have Bulimia. Women who suffer from this eating disorder do eat, but they vomit after the meal, with a purpose to keep their weight on some point. Of course, bulimia is truly unhealthy, and besides ruining your teeth from stomach acid, it is also capable of producing gut diseases and, unfortunately, even death.

ertetrPlastic surgeries. Of course, today’s beauty standards not only make you insecure about your weight but also about… everything! You can literally think of any part of your body and then find some new beauty agenda that will tell you how that is not beautiful or perfect. Nose? Breasts? Lips? Even gluteus corrections are made worldwide lately! What is the problem with this? Well, the problem is that these surgeries are not safe, or better said – they’re unhealthy. Besides that, every lady that enters the world of plastic surgery and ”perfect standards” will probably suffer from some mental issues sooner or later.

All those beauty treatments… There are too many painful and harmful beauty treatments in the saloons which not only empty your wallet but also ruin your health. I’m truly sad to see that ladies all around the globe are ready to endure such procedures. Why do they torture themselves? Any person that loves themselves wouldn’t do that, right? So, another, bigger problem…


Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts… Yes, unfortunately, things have gone too far in this new ”perfect society”. Ladies even get depressed, anxious, and even think about suicide if they cannot fit all these unrealistic beauty standards. When it comes to anxiety, many have said that they usually get agoraphobia and start feeling terrible about leaving their home and going outside because they think that society constantly judges them. Imagine that – going to the grocery store, like you’re going on with some serious judge? It’s truly silly and sad.

sdfdfsdf This one hurts me the most. Too many ladies are ready to forget about who they truly are and welcome some fake looks and personalities just because society claims that they should be that way.


Do you feel this beauty pressure nowadays?

How do you cope with it?

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