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What are God’s beauty standards?

Many people feel very sad because they are not considered beautiful by our modern world standards. Yet, should that really bother you?

I understand that while I may be not beautiful by society’s standards, I am beautiful by God’s standards. So, what are God’s beauty standards? Please give me 2 minutes to explain…

I have learned during my life that what is beautiful to someone else may not be beautiful to me, and vice versa, because my life and my experiences inform my own perceptions of what beauty is.

afdafdAll of God’s creation is incredibly unique and beautiful according to Him. We all are beautiful to God, and you were beautiful to Him even before you were born. God doesn’t create ugly things, nor does He make mistakes! I know that it is hard for most people to believe God knew that the world would be a better place by you being in it just as you are. Everyone one of us has our own path, our own story, our special and unique good and ‘bad’ sides…

First, beauty is subjective. Sure, our society dictates certain beauty rules, so to speak. The asymmetrical face is pretty high up there on the beauty list.

Second, beauty goes deeper than the skin. When I think about the most beautiful people I know, I don’t think so much about their exterior beauty, but about their generosity, kindness, great sense of humor, compassion, openness, and confidence to be themselves. For me, it’s those qualities above anything else that make them beautiful.

Some of us wish we were bigger, smaller, taller, shorter, had beautiful brown hair or blue eyes or fewer freckles or you name it. You might look at your friends or family and think – I wish I were like them. But that’s not how God made you. God loves you as you are and God made you as you are, so you could live and love Him and others in your own unique, beautiful, special way. Because it’s true we all are uniquely, incredibly, unrepeatably beautiful…

I always remember when my friend didn’t even notice I dyed my hair in a different color. She just came and started talking with me like nothing happened, and it was a huge change – from my natural blond to black hair color. When I asked her how she didn’t realize I made a change in my hair color? She told me that she always sees me in the same way. She knows how I smile, how I talk, how I walk… Imagine that! Yes, that’s exactly how God sees you. That’s how everyone who really loves you and appreciates you see your true YOU. They know your soul. You are not just a walking corpse with clothes, remember that very well…

And beauty? Beauty can be taken away. Even physical beauty our society considers very important can vanish in a blink of an eye.

adfsafLet me tell you one very short story that has a good message… One evening I fell and cracked my nose. Before that, it was really a ‘perfect nose’ according to society’s beauty. When I went to sleep that night, I thought: ”I hope my nose won’t be this way? Anyways, does it matter? This can happen to anyone, and of course, to me, at any moment.”

Work on your true inner qualities, everything else can be taken in a single second…

Which people do you consider beautiful?

What do you like about people that society doesn’t call beautiful?

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