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Beauty mistakes you do that take your time and even harm your skin & hair

Women definitely spend too much time taking care of their looks. I was thinking about that for a while because I have caught myself being exhausted from trying to do ‘the best’ skincare and haircare routines. After long research, it turned out that I was doing pointless actions that have even harmed my skin and hair even more.

So, if you have also thought about how all those women look gorgeous all the time, it may be that they know the secrets of the beauty industry.

Be sure to check the list below to find out if you are doing some pointless beauty routines which take your time, money, and beauty away!

zfcMoisturizing your skin a little bit too much. If you think that more moisturize is better, you will have to reassess your beliefs about that. Everyone wants to have good looking and hydrated skin, but you won’t achieve that if you put too much cream on your skin. You will just close the pores and get acne. Moisturizing your skin once or twice daily is just enough.

Washing your hair too often. I fell into this trap. I couldn’t get out of it for years. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, it may sound like that, but when you wash your hair too often it just gets to look worse within time. Why? Because you dry it out, disbalance the natural sebum of your scalp, and put all those silicons on it. It may be hard to get rid of this silly and harmful habit at the beginning but try at least to skip washing your hair for one or two days. With time, it will get its natural sebum back and won’t get dirty such often.

Nail polish. Spending so much time trying to make your nails look perfect at every single moment? Did you know that your nails can become yellow and weak if you constantly wear nail polish? Be sure to let your nails ‘breathe’ at least three days a week.

Combing your hair too often. This one was also my problem. I was combing my hair like 20 times daily. At first, I didn’t even realize how many times I was doing it throughout the day, but once my hair became weaker and started falling out, I read at so many places that combing your hair too often is not a good idea. Although our grandmothers believed how combing your hair all the time will make it look prettier, it turned out how that was just one huge myth.

adfAll those primers. Today we feel the pressure to look amazing even when we work for like 10 hours per day. Your makeup, of course, has to stay in place and to look untouched. What do you do to achieve that? Use different makeup primers, right? Well, there’s one problem with that. It may happen that primers completely close your pores and make your face look like a mask. It is not healthy for your skin to wear primers on a daily basis. Besides that, those cost and take a lot of your time. Be sure to put those only on the oily parts of your face (and not too often).

Which of these beauty mistakes have you been doing?

Would you like to add some others to this list?

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