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Do we still have some historical/biological ways of thinking (about which we don’t know)?

You have probably wondered about this question for at least once in your life. Are there some things coming from our evolution and historical/biological times that are still ‘living’ in our minds and bodies that make us do things we don’t understand? Let’s find out together!

Our terms of beauty. Okay, I am not talking about the social media standards of beauty here. I am talking about what attracts us to other gender-always! So, yes, we all get attracted to someone with bright and clean eyes, because that reminds us of a healthy person. Besides that, we also get attracted to someone with good skin and hair quality. Why? Because we can see how that person has enough nutrients in their body. Sounds silly, right? Well, it may sound, but the truth is, we are all still searching for perfect partners that will bring us healthy children.

zdsFear. Yes, fear is a natural (and the first) emotion of humans. But, did you know how we all have a fear of losing ground and a fear of loud noise? That will always stay in us. Personally, the second one is literally following me on an increased level since I know about myself, but now I can blame our biological facts for that.

Girls and boys. Genders really do behave differently. Because I am a children psychologist, I can tell you this one the best. When you put a girl in front of the obstacle, the girl will cry and call for help. But, when you put a boy in front of that same obstacle, he will do everything in his power to get across it. Does this mean how boys are better than girls? Not at all! We can blame our ancestors for that. A long time ago, men were the ones who needed to go hunting and protect their family, while women were in the shelters taking care of their youngsters. We really have our roles…

Our bodies. Did you know how your body stores fat more when you are starving yourself? How and why? Let’s say that you have been on some restrictive diet. After you have finished with it, you have somehow realized that you are putting so much weight faster than ever before. Is that possible? Yes, it is. Your body remembers that you were starving. Now, when you are eating enough, it tries to saves as many calories as possible. It stores it as fat, of course.

zdcas Why is your body behaving that way? Because it is afraid that you will be starving again in the near future. Your body wants you to have enough fat to survive if that happens. Yes, you can blame biology for that. Our ancestors were hungry most of the times. So, once they got enough food for themselves, their bodies have stored it as fat.

Overall, we are still humans. And yes, we are ”ruled by” numerous things we don’t actually understand. But, we must trust our bodies. They really know what they are doing.

It doesn’t matter how life has changed nowadays and how we have completely different rules for life, we cannot escape our nature, and we shouldn’t even try.

Have you ever heard about these facts I’ve told you now?

Can you think of some other I haven’t written on this list?

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