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How much should you socialize?

There are four different types of temperaments within people, and those definitely describe our behaviours, preferences, and mood. You are either sanguine, choleric, melancholic, or phlegmatic (or a combination of two temperaments).

Cholerics are easily stressed, they are constantly feeling awake, often arguing and can hardly calm down. Melancholics look like they are always a little bit depressed, but they are actually living in their own worlds and are great observers of their environment. Sanguines are those who like to hang out more than others, party, make jokes… They look like they adore people. And phlegmatics? When you take a look at them, it seems like how they don’t mind about anything. The truth is, they just have a higher tolerance for stress, arguments and other problems that occur.

sdafaWhy am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that we are not all the same. We get our temperament ‘at birth’, or better said, your temperament and socializing needs may come from your genetics.

How much should people socialize then? For some people, like sanguines, daily conversations with people are a must. Sanguines don’t prefer to talk about some deeper things, like why we are here, and where is that mysterious black hole… They want to talk about sports, clothes, rumors, or anything ‘light’. Sanguines don’t feel happy when they are alone. They don’t like to think too much, especially alone. That can frighten them out!

Melancholics and phlegmatic don’t like to socialize that much, but when they do hang out with others (let’s say once a week), they prefer deeper topics. Melancholics like to talk about their own problems and the world’s problems, and they also want to hear what the other person has to say. Phlegmatics, on the other hand, are the best listeners and they will barely talk about themselves. Yet, once they say something, that is most of the time very important and inspiring thing.

And choleric? Well, it depends if they are extroverts or introverts. Extrovert choleric likes to hang out, but they want to be in large groups or masses. Introverts like to hang out in a similar way as melancholics, but they just bring ‘more energy’ into the discussion.

Anyways, if you are now trying to figure out which of these types you are, know how almost no one is just one type, but two combined.

Is it healthy to be an introvert? Well, it has its own pluses and minuses. Spending alone time can be great for self-development. Introverts are also organized more than others. But, being alone all the time can trigger depression and even weaken the immune system. Keep in mind how there’s a difference between solitude and being lonely.

So, how much we should hang out then? It depends on your personal needs. The best advice – be sure to hang out with those people you really like. Don’t force yourself.

XafIt is scientifically proven that people who hang out at least twice a week with their best friends have higher serotonin levels and better overall health.

The problem with the nowadays society is that everyone is ‘hanging out’ online, so people barely even have a need to see someone ‘in real life’.

Will technology completely change our temperament types?

How do you imagine virtual reality and do you think that it will completely change our relationships?

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