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Planned Parenthood reports killing 332,757 babies last year!

The news I will talk about is horrifying. So, please, sit down and calm yourself as much as you can before reading it. Abortion procedures which have been performed at all Planned Parenthood clinics that exist all around the globe increased to an incredible number of 332,757 in 2018! It all happened when the new president of Planned Parenthood, Dr. Leana Wen, said that the abortion is ”human right”. Or better said, she called abortion ”human right”!

asdfsdf The figure highlighted in the business’ latest annual report shows an increase of 11,373 abortions over the previous year’s report. When we take a look in 2017, we can easily see how the statistics are just becoming worse and worse by each year. We should be all definitely very concerned about this situation. Planned Parenthood’s report shows that it received $564.8 million in federal grants and reimbursements in 2017-’18 and received $100 million more in private donations in 2018 than it did in 2017; and has net assets of nearly $1.9 billion. Of course, the amount of money continued to rise in 2018 too and their clinics have received $100 million more! Of course, they have tried to hide it, but now, once everything is revealed, it is completely clear how those were some private donations.

The business’ adoption referrals also “decreased by 1,000 last year to around 2,800 “which means that Planned Parenthood clinics performed 118 abortions for every one adoption referral,” The National Review noted. How do they describe abortion at all? Their first physician who lead the company for more than 50 years, Wen, claims how the abortion is just one more procedure of standard medical care!

Can you believe how convinced this man is about his words? I don’t even wanna know what is truly in his mind. Or do I know already? Yes, money, cruelty, and nothing good. People tend to think how this is all completely normal, and if there was birth control allowed (which we all know it is, right?), there would be fewer abortions. The problem is how these people don’t even think about abortion as something bad, but as I’ve claimed already above, they think of it as a standard medical procedure. What can we expect next to become ”normal”? They just give it a name of some ”procedure” and it is accepted. How is this possible? It is all about money, no one thinks about those babies, obviously.

Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen admitted this month that Planned Parenthood’s core mission is providing, protecting and expanding access to abortion and it recently published a plan to expand its abortions in 2019. Poll after poll shows a majority of American taxpayers are opposed to funding abortions. Yes, you may think that the parents are also the ones who are guilty in this case. They are. But there are many people who will accept their agenda as normal. Once you tell someone for 100 times that abortion is just one more medical procedure which supports women’s health, there are countless people which will believe in that (unfortunately). We all know when the abortions can be done.

sdffd Baby’s heart starts to beat in the womb when she or he is only 6 to 8 weeks old! They have done countless abortions which go up to even 20 weeks of pregnancy!

Do you know how those babies look like? They look like you!

What is your opinion about Planned Parenthood clinics?

Are you against abortion?

Why isn’t someone stopping this whole situation?

Is it all just because of money and politics?

Think about it…

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