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They are keeping God a secret

Can you think of something worse than finding the proof of God and keeping it a secret? Me neither. Well, that is exactly why they are doing us since literally 1950’s! Who are they? Some essentially wicked rulers of this world.

Satan has used these so-called elites of the world with a purpose to hide God from us and to make us believe how he is not the creator of our planet. Is even the land you are walking on what they told you it is? Continue reading and reassess your beliefs! We actually live in some sort of a virtual reality. Our society is definitely controlled in all the possible ways that exist. We are definitely manipulated by some unseen force. Isn’t our IQ helping us? It seems like how it isn’t.

Our world is moving to the point of no return, and it is moving really fast. Countless people worldwide are not even aware of how we live in our last days. The US and the rest of the world have turned their back to God.

sdfdfJust think of our ”leaders” for a moment. Donald Trump? He is just another puppet. Satan definitely got power in our society and now wants only worship. America got sold out…

What is going on in Hollywood, for example? They still continue to spread violence and evil with their movies. And what about TV? It is brainwashing our society 24/7. They are trying to make us think in a way they want. They have represented us some fake knowledge about this world they want us to accept. Are we that blind? Unfortunately, a lot of people are. There are, of course, some people left who think with their brain and feel with their hearts. They are, and you are, our only hope.

Satan is the ruler of this world, and those in charge of it are his minions. He doesn’t want everyone on this planet to be happy, of course. Unfortunately, his worship is on the rise in America. We can also see Isis getting so much strength. We actually believe how only a few people are going to receive God’s condemnation…

People who rule our planet actually know how God exists, but they are constantly trying everything in their power to keep people blind in the dark.

There are various organization and groups working as a secret society network over a past period of time. They have come with a purpose to control and manipulate pretty much of every daily aspect of human lives. This controlling system made everyone being owned, from billionaires to artists.

Who are we? Do we even remember anymore? We are humans, therefore, we should help each other. We were supposed to be emotional and full of empathy. What happened with our race? Do you realize how far this all went?

It definitely seems like how this world is getting completely crazy. What is going to happen next? Are you worried?

We see all these ”successful” people on the screens, but the truth is, no one becomes a billionaire in Satan’s world without belonging to Satan. It’s that simple. You don’t get in such a  position because of you a genius…

 ”We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” -Ayn Rand

”When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.” – Voltaire

What is your opinion about the situation in our society?

Do you think how there is no going back?

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