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Social Media Pressure – Is It The One To Blame?

How are social media accounts really affecting us? When asking this question, I really want you to think about it in all possible manners…

Many users who say accounts like these make them feel better about themselves, but that is only because they reveal that the girls they wished they looked like are just edited versions of themselves… That’s actually, deeply sad and empty. Even social media platforms see the danger of face and body altered images and the mental health risks they pose.

qaddLast year Instagram announced they would be banning “cosmetic surgery” filters, which can drastically change the way one looks in photos. Everyone wants to be constantly Beautiful People because they are constantly surrounded by them! No imperfections… You have to be with clear skin, perfect makeup and a great body ALL THE TIME! Not to mention how that can lead to insecurities… It’s obvious.

You start wondering things like – “Why can’t I look like this” or “If only I was that pretty” without questioning if the people in that photo even look like that themselves!

Social media on its own contributes to the unhappiness of people. People live fake lives ‘there’. If you see someone being constantly happy, pretty, successful, surrounded by amazing people, etc, you must know how that isn’t always the case! Personally, I know dozens of people who cannot be recognized in real life. Yes, that’s how much they edit their photos. But they are also ‘editing their lives’! Some went so far they are posting someone else’s pictures of homes, cars, parties…

Studies have shown that teens feel social media makes them sad and empty. Apps like Instagram and Snapchat are folds of the internet where portraying the best part of your life is the only point. Even if we all do the same thing of picking and choosing which moments to highlight, when the best, most glorified version of everyone’s life is all you see, you start to wonder why your life isn’t the same. But it probably is. Or even better. Why? Because you don’t feel that empty to lie about your looks, your friends, your job, and your overall wealth!

While most influencers have been open about their use of editing apps, that still doesn’t take away the fact that they are portraying perfect, unattainable versions of themselves online – no matter what they say.

The problem for those who alter their photos is that once you begin editing your photos, it’s hard to stop. Even after editing yourself just once you now have to stay consistent with the new version of yourself that you have published online. If you suddenly begin to post unedited photos people will be able to tell…

qwdIt is very difficult to stop. Users of Facetune may grow to develop body image issues. At a certain point, not looking like their edited selves becomes a source of anxiety and insecurity. It may become an addiction as well. People don’t feel happy with themselves in photos unless they have Facetuned it…

Do you believe that something will change in the future about this social media issue?

Or will people just start experiencing new and unknown mental health issues due to this problem?

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